Sunday 22 March 2020

Twin Wizard - Glacial Gods (Album Review)

Release date: March 13th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Glacial Gods – Tracklisting

1.Ghost Train Haze 04:52
2.Sky Burial 04:57
3.Smoke Wizard 05:42
4.Cult of Yeti 07:33
5.Ghostwriter 04:56
6.Apothecary 05:21
7.Electric Yeti 02:34


Anthony Dreyer - Drums
Brad Van - Guitar/Vocals


Twin Wizard is the new band featuring Brad Van (Droids Attack) and Anthony Dreyer (Telekinetic Yeti) play a similar style of music to Telekinetic Yeti. The band did have a rough start to existence and getting to where they are now. I will say that there are a lot of similarities between Twin Wizard and Telekinetic Yeti. There’s no getting away from that. Though Twin Wizard have more than enough hard-working talent of their own to standout on their on creative convictions.

Their debut album Glacial Gods is packed full on cool ideas and heavy sounds that stretch across the Doom/Stoner Rock world with elements of Psych Rock, Space Rock and a Fuzzed up attitude to match. The album is played at a fast pace with lot of different heavy riffs that shouldn’t really be possible for a two-man band.

If you dig bands such as Red Fang, Kyuss, Truckfighters and The Sword then Glacial Gods captures the classic energy of this legendary bands and allows Twin Wizard to put their own spin on things.

The opening two songs – Ghost Train Haze and Smoke Wizard – do an excellent job of allowing Twin Wizard to distance themselves from their previous/current respective bands and let their music do the talking with blazing Psychedelic Sounds and heavy pounding drums leading the way. The vocals from Brad is one of the main strengths of this album. As they’re powerful and direct from the very start. The music kicks up a gear on Smoke Wizard with some precise and intense drumming from Anthony.

Some people will complain that this is too close to Telekinetic Yeti but if you look even closer you can see that Twin Wizard are trying to do things differently and on their own terms. The riffs are more groove orientated here and perhaps even more melodic. Though that doesn’t stop Twin Wizard bringing an aggressive attitude to the album when the mood calls for it.

Songs such as: Smoke Wizard, Cult Of Yeti, Ghostwriter and Apothecary is where the band perhaps impress the most especially on Cult Of Yeti and Apothecary. The music sounds more alive and when the band a more spaced out attitude to the mix then you can’t be impressed by the whole cinematic journey Twin Wizard take you upon.

I’m a huge admirer of both Droids Attack and Telekinetic Yeti so I was always going to enjoy this album. Though I will go even further to say that I freaking love this album and that’s down to the impressive array of vocals and riffs Twin Wizard play on this album.

The production is excellent and one that allows Twin Wizard to have a more organic sound that I didn’t expect at all.

Overall, Glacial Gods is a spectacular debut album from Twin Wizard to come out . As it shows these guys mean business and are possibly here for the long term. If you want a Psychedelic and Fuzzed Out Riff-Fest that made The Sword famous back in the day. Well, except no substitute, these guys are the real deal...

Words by Steve Howe