Saturday, 20 June 2020

Formula 400 - Heathens (Album Review)

Release date: June 15th 2020. Label: Glory Or Death Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

HEATHENS  – Tracklisting

1.Light My Way 05:09
2.Messenger 04:30
3.Ridin' Easy 04:26
4.Spector 03:49
5.Illusion 04:05
6.Sun Destroyer 05:59
7.The Long Road Home 03:03


Ian Holloway
Dan Frick
Kip Page
Ted Karol


Heathens is the debut album by Fuzz/Stoner Rockers – Formula 400 – and it’s an album packed full of streetwise attitude with the band focusing on old-school exciting Stoner Rock sounds with a heavy FUZZ based atmosphere. I can detect a heavy Corrosion Of Conformity influence within the heart of this album especially with the vocals and more heavier grooves.

The opening song – Light My Way – pulls no punches with it’s hard edge lyrics and it’s dirty Desert/Fuzz/Stoner Rock riffs with an almost aggressive edge to it all. Though, the song is still a proper groove-orientated number which allows the band plenty of opportunity to play some epic guitar riffs with the FUZZ rock vibe leading the way.

Second song – Messenger – carries on the harsh FUZZ vibe with a distorted voice setting the scene before Formula 400 come bursting in with a heavy and meaty riffs that is full of instant hooks and carries on the Outlaw Way Of Life depicted on the album cover. The song has a 90s Stoner Rock/Metal influence and Formula 400 run away with this style of music for one of the most straight-forward and standout songs on the album.

Formula 400 continue this style of music for the rest of the album. It’s not the most original sound but Formula 400 still manage to create a rich and varied album that’s full of spirit and adventure. This is notably down to the cool lyrics and heavy pounding riffs held on the album. The albums lasts around 30 minutes but there is enough great riffs to last longer with standout songs such as: Ridin’ Easy, Spector and Sun Destroyer leading the way.

Sun Destroyer is perhaps the standout song on the album and where Formula 400 impressed the most. As that feels where everything comes together and the band start to believe in themselves more and play some of the best riffs on the entire album.

There are some excellent classic Dual/Twin Guitar parts held on this album that reminded me of Thin Lizzy in places. So if you’re partial to a bit of Twin Guitar action then best to get on board with this great album.

If you’re looking for an album that offers a quick and mightily heavy fix of Stoner Rock/Metal tunes with an unapologetic attitude then Heathens is the place to be. This is a superbly made album that all Stoner Rock/Metal fans should check out.

Great stuff….

You can buy the album on Glory Or Death Records now. 

Words by Steve Howe