Tuesday 16 June 2020

Wounded Cross - Our Future Is Dead (Album Review)

Release date: June 26th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Our Future Is Dead – Tracklisting

Our Future is Dead - 00:00
Shadowplay - 01:47
Ascension - 5:01
Ashes - 9:02
Endless Battle - 14:10
Tainted Legacy - 17:43
Rough Spark - 22:55
Sad Future - 26:06
Cosmic Annihilation - 28:38


Ian Atkinson
Graham Bliss
Tom love
Paul Revell
Robert Miles Barnet
Rowan Ward & Kaz


An enigma wrapped in a legend. We played approximately 27 gigs in our short history, we formed in 2014, practiced for a year before our first gig in 2015, and ended after our last gig in 2017. This album release is the last and final recordings of Wounded Cross. They are a snap shot of a band that truly didn't really fit in with any band we ever played with. Be it The Skull, Ohhms, Witchsorrrow, Kaine, or any of the varied and superb bands that we shared stages with. Our sound was our own, and every song was different in its own way. Our future is dead fits for the album because of the lyrical content about the end times, and the fact that the band is truly over, this album ends it fully and finally.

This album will be free to download through bandcamp, unless you are willing to pay £5 for one of our final Tshirts in a package deal. There will be no physical version of this album unless there is sudden unprecedented demand for it, but hope to put it up on Spotify. This recording is not polished. It's very RAW, and it's LIVE. We felt this fits with the style of the music and ethos of wounded cross.

We are proud of the songs and this album is our lasting legacy. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you for following us. We love you all.


It’s pretty bold of Wounded Cross to release their new album – Our Future Is Dead. As the band already split-up about 3 years ago and this is their final release. A collection of tracks that are being released upon to the world and whilst it’s not the best sounding album, Wounded Cross have managed to release a record that remains true to the classic Doom Metal/Heavy Metal scene with elements of Black Sabbath jamming with Saxon.

Wounded Cross are firmly rooted in the historic and long-standing style of Hard Rock and Classic Riffs. The vocals are delivered with an aggressive uproar with shades of Ozzy Osboune, Bruce Dickinson and Biff Byford. So if you’re a fan of Old-School UK Hard Rock and Heavy Metal then Wounded Cross will have all bases covered.

Our Future Is Dead is not the best produced album and it wasn’t meant to be. The songs lack focus in places and could have done with a better narrative. However, this is still an album that does a lot of things right such as bringing a lot of great cinematic style Doom Metal parts on the album. The band do show some nice creative touches of Prog Rock and Jazzy interludes on the later stages of the album.

Overall, this is a solid and superbly entertaining album especially if you’re looking for vintage thrills and spills then Our Future Is Dead is the album for you.

Words by Steve Howe