Monday 22 June 2020

Elephantus - S/T (EP Review)

Release date: June 19th 2020. Label: Electric Funeral Records. Format: DD

Elephantus – S/T – Tracklisting

1.A Espinha Dorsal da Noite 07:50
2.No Rastro da Serpente 05:31
3.O Chamado da Floresta 06:11
4.Elefantíase Pineal 05:15


Marcelo Maus - Guitar/Vox
Andrei Mamede - Drums


South American Doom/Stoner Metal Duo – Elphantus – debut self-titled EP is a release that blends Brazilian and Oriental cultures with the powerful melodies of Doom/Stoner Metal for a heavy and far-out style of music with the band focusing upon building Progressive Cinematic Grooves to their overall sound. The EP may take a couple listens to become used to. As Elphantus music is quite fast-paced and includes a lot of different sounds that you wouldn’t expect for a Doom/Stoner Metal release.

The EP lasts 25 minutes and the band offer 4 tracks that are quite intense and very raw from the start with the opening song A Espinha Dorsal da Noite being the standout song on the EP. Elphantus explore many different themes on this song and perhaps show their wildest ideas on this track. The heavy psychedelic guitars have a raw violent energy to them with the drumming having a more progressive flair.

Second song - No Rastro da Serpente – has a more unsettling approach especially with the vocals and the overall sound of the EP. It’s raw and lacking in finesse but there is something addictive to Elphantus approach to this song that you wouldn’t expect. The Doom/Stoner Metal riffs are superbly played but the lo-fi production makes it harder to hear things at first. Though, multiple listens will allow the listener to become more accustomed to this style of music.

The final two songs - O Chamado da Floresta and Elefantíase Pineal – show Elephantus playing a more threatening style of music that becomes more Doom and Thrash based in places with Elefantíase Pineal being the other standout song on the EP.

Elphantus definitely show a lot of promise on this EP. I’m hoping their next release will be bolstered by better production as well. Elephantus aren’t the finished article yet but the signs are promising that the band will release something special in the near future.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe