Monday, 15 June 2020

Voidian - Through The Eyes Of The Flame (Album Review)

Release date: June 12th 2020. Label: PolderRecords. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Through The Eyes Of The Flame – Tracklisting

1.Ritual Fire 09:15
2.Nameless Night 10:17
3.Long Road Home 06:53
4.City of Dread 07:00
5.The Murderous Sea 15:42


Dr.Witch: Bass and vocals
Mr.Void: Drums and vocals
Sgt.Doom: Guitars


Through The Eyes Of The Flame is the debut album from Belgian Post-Rock/Post-Metallers -Voidian – who splice elements of Stoner Metal, Psych, Doom and Sludge Metal into their overall sound. The album is quite dense and heavy from the start which allows the band to create a dark style of music that’s beautifully heavy with aggressive amounts of muscular anger to match.

The songs are complex and quite long for the majority of the songs. As Voidian flit between Psychedelic Stoner grooves with a commanding Post-Rock/Post-Metal presence before switching to another style of music and you can feel that style of music being put to great effect on the excellent opening song – Ritual Fire.

Ritual Fire offers 9 minutes plus of heavy stylized Post-Rock/Post-Metal passages with modern Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs that never feel out of place despite the many different genres the band play throughout the album. The spaced out and psychedelic atmospherics create a murky and dark world with the band playing at a slow-to-mid pace and that allows the listener to soak everything in.

With a band consisting of members called Dr Witch, Mr Void and Sgt Doom, you would expect a band to be playing music inspired by Black Sabbath and KYUSS. Though, these guys feel inspired by bands such as Neurosis, CONAN and COUGH but they’re still quite clever to allow their music to be inspired by a whole range of different bands but still creating their own heavy monolithic and progressive sound.

Voidian continue playing their highly emotionally style of music on 4 more great songs and things become even heavier and stranger on the second song Nameless Night with a clever use of different vocals leading the way. With Dr Witch and Mr Void performing clean vocals and harsh growls for a demented team-up of sorts.

The heavy distorted guitars bring the “DOOM METAL” atmosphere of the album to hold everything together whilst the band carry on playing the different riffs on the remainder of the album.

Through The Eyes Of The Flame did take myself a few listens to fully appreciate and truly understand what a hugely talented bunch of musicians Voidian actually are. I was fully sold on this album after my 4th listen and after that I couldn’t stop listening to this record. This is an album with something to say and the powerful sounds of Voidian will offer you around 50 minutes of brilliant entertainment.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to PolderRecords for the promo. Sage PR for the promo. Through The Eyes Of The Flame is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via PolderRecords.