Saturday 13 June 2020

Red Mesa - The Path To The Deathless (Album Review)

Release date: June 12th 2020. Label: Desert Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

The Path To The Deathless – Tracklisting

1.Ghost Bell 02:25
2.The Path To The Deathless 06:51
3.Desert Moon (Feat. Dave Sherman) 06:30
4.Death I Am 04:57
5.Disharmonious Unlife (Feat. Wino) 07:42
6.Revelation 02:31
7.Swallowed By The Sea 09:04


Brad Frye: Guitars and Lead Vocals
Roman Barham: Drums and Backing Vocals
Alex Cantwell: Bass and Backing Vocals


Red Mesa aim big for their 3rd full length album The Path To The Deathless and this conveys the dark and bleak times the world is currently facing. As this is a bleak and dark album that channels the more inner turmoil's of Desert/Stoner Metal that you initially would expect. The album makes no apologies for it’s unyielding bleak vision an Red Mesa draft in some bona-fide Doom Metal legends for this album with guest appearances from WINO and Dave Sherman on two of the albums standout songs.

Maybe the band have drifted into heavier NOLA based territory compared to their previous releases when you hear the excellent two opening songs – Ghost Bell and The Path To The Deathless – which both convey a brooding Desert/Stoner Metal groove which do take some time to get used to. The Desert Rock sounds are more depressing to hear in places and the vocals are directly bleak whilst telling an almost apocalyptic story.

The opening two songs prepare you for what type of music that Red Mesa play for the whole album but there are some hidden surprises along the way with harsh Psychedelic sounds adding a more cinematic feel to the album. The songwriting is great for the most part. There’s a couple rough moments where the lyrics feel out of place especially on Death I am. However, that’s my only complaint about the album. 

The album really shines when the guest vocals from Dave Sherman on Desert Moon and WINO providing Vocals and Lead Guitars on Disharmonious Unlife. As everything builds up for a heavier progressive moment on those two songs and perhaps the heaviest and standout riffs on the albums appear. Red Mesa do feel heavily inspired by The Obsessed on this album and that’s no bad thing. Red Mesa still create their own unique brand of storytelling on this album and leave you wanting more.

Red Mesa adapt a heavier style of Sludge Metal on this album and this allows a more world-weary Psychedelic feel to the whole experience of the album which is perhaps bolstered top-notch work behind the scenes. Red Mesa employed Matthew Tobias to record the album and John McBain (ex-Monster Magnet) to master the album. So this album has quality running through it’s DNA and that makes this such a quality sounding album.

This album is a concept album and Red Mesa have created a captivating story to match the world-class music that’s played on the album. Just expect a trippy and surreal nightmarish journey on the path of Desert/Stoner Metal Righteousness.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy The Path To The Deathless from Desert Records now. EU/UK Orders can be bought here.