Saturday, 6 June 2020

Band To Check Out - THE EPIC



The Lowdown

The Epic is a Doom/Stoner Rock Duo influenced by the sounds of Led Zepp, Black Sabbath and QOTSA. The band have released two EP’s over the last two months offering almost 20 minutes of music across both EP’s.

The EP’s are called In The Red b​/​w Crooks and HEARTBROKEN WOMAN b​/​w PILGRIMAGE offer classic sounding Doom/Stoner/Classic Rock riffs that have a Punk Rock feel to them. The music is raw and atmospheric with the “Live” surrounding approach to both EP’s.

The best EP to check out in my opinion is their latest HEARTBROKEN WOMAN b​/​w PILGRIMAGE. As it features a more full-on sound compared to their debut EP. With a few Sludgy grooves being added to Heartbroken Woman make this a heavy head-banger with a classic 70s Hard Rock charm to it all. The Psychedelic riffs can be heard in the background but they do make the music much more interesting.

The vocals do take time to get used to but Jeremy does a great job handling vocal duties on both EP’s.

The EP’s are very much a work in progress and I want to hear the band release a longer EP. As I feel with time The Epic could have a bright future within the Doom/Stoner Rock scene. Until that moment I recommend you check out The Epic and give their EP’s a spin.

As if you’re a fan of Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal but want something with modern grooves as well. My advise is to check out The Epic. They’re a killer band who deserve your time and attention.

Definite ones to look out for in the future.

Words by Steve Howe

Both EP’s are available to buy now on BandCamp now. Thanks to Farmadelica Sound for the promos.