Saturday 14 November 2020

Dixie Goat - There's No Light Without Darkness (Album Review)

Release date: November 06th 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

There’s No Light Without Darkness – Tracklisting

1.There's No Light Without Darkness 04:44
2.Dancin' On Your Grave 02:56
3.Two Faces 05:35
4.Widow's Tear 04:39
5.Green Karma 03:02 
6.Zuma 02:09
7.Supershit 02:35
8.From One Hell To Another 06:04


Nikk: Vocals, Guitars
KF: Bass
Seb: Drums


There’s No Light Without Darkness is the new album from Doom/Stoner Rockers Dixie Goat. Dixie Goat are a band from the South American scene and one that is being compared to Corrosion Of Conformity for this album and I can see why. This album shares a lot of themes, ideas and sounds from the legendary band but still allowing Dixie Goat to bring their own stamp of authority to the scene.

The album isn’t what I call original but there is lot of thrilling heavy sounds that march on the right side of menacing Doom/Stoner riffs with electrifying vocals to match. The album is quite short running at around 30 minutes. Though there is still a lot go through with Dixie Goat adding a NOLA atmospheric style of sound from start to finish.

The songs are all great and each allow the ban to wear their musical influences on their sleeve with a dark mythology written around the lyrics especially on the opening few songs of – There’s No Light Without Darkness, Dancin’ On Your Grave and Two Faces.

Dixie Goat settle down into a fast pace from these opening songs and I can’t help be impressed by the thumping bass playing of KF who puts in a rough and tough performance that allow Dixie Goat’s heavy grooves come to life. Though, Nikk and Seb provide epic support on Guitars/Vocals and Drums respectively.

There are some elements of Psych Rock and Grunge Rock hidden behind the dark grooves on this album and it was a welcome addition to Dixie Goat’s overall sound. The band have managed to get Grunge Pioneer & Producer Jack Endino to master this album and it’s a marriage made in heaven or perfect match made in hell.

Dixie Goat new album is a welcome addition to the Doom/Stoner Metal world and will take your mind away from the crazy shit going on in the world with it’s cinematic blend of exciting sounds that make you want to hear this album over and over again.

Words by Steve Howe


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