Saturday 7 November 2020

PULSAR - Burning Flesh & Time (Album Review)

Release date: November 1st 2020. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Burning Flesh & Time – Tracklisting

1.Conamara Chaos 08:49
2.King Of No Dimensions 10:50
3.Ghosts Of The Old Belief 04:43
4.Burning Flesh & Time 11:34
5.The Outerverse 10:23
6.Fire & Forgiveness Part I 02:26
7.Fire & Forgiveness Part II 04:47
8.Phantom Ego 13:47


Christian – Drums
Kevin – Vocals, Guitar
Dennis – Vocals, Bass


Burning Flesh & Time is the new album from Psychedelic Death/Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal Riff Wizards – PULSAR. The band waste no time in bringing their thundering grooves to the masses and they do show a keen ear for aggressive melodies and heavy psychedelic sounds. The band are quite good at switching the different styles of music they play on this album quite frequently from start to finish. The album can be quite daunting and brutally heavy to listen to at first but there is something that holds your interest throughout the album.

PULSAR have written an album that lasts over 65 minutes and that’s a lot of time to fill and to hold the listener’s attention. Not every idea comes off but the band have so many different ideas at their disposal that a riff you don’t agree with is soon replaced by one that will completely surprise you in many different ways.

The album contains a few songs that go near or past the 10 minute mark so expect an avalanche of different Progressive songs that standout amongst the crowd such as: Conamara Chaos, King Of No Dimensions, Burning Flesh & Time and Phantom Ego. These are the best songs on the album. As PULSAR can fully express their creative ideas and grooves with genuine conviction. The vocals are a mixture of Death Growls, Chants and Clean Vocals all which add a deeply mysterious feeling to the record.

PULSAR sound like they take influence from Mastodon, Gojira and System Of A Down but if those bands fully embraced the “Spaced Out Doom Way Of Life” that the band have adapted for this record.

Burning Flesh & Time does have a rough and ready production but it helps PULSAR play a more domineering and violent style of Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal music which makes this album more addictive. PULSAR may feel like they have a schizophrenic nature to their sound but after hearing this album a few times, this record makes sense to me personally more each time and it’s one that becomes a much better album for it.

Overall, Burning Flesh & Time is an outstanding album and could see these guys become major players within the scene in the future. They’re not quite there yet but the signs are encouraging with this release and should hopefully sees the guys expand their fan-base within the Hard Rock/Metal community.

Words by Steve Howe


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