Tuesday 24 November 2020

Starmonger - Revelations (Album Review)

Release Date: 27th November 2020. Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD

Revelations - Tracklisting

Rise Of The Fishlords
The Last Man
Rust To Dust
Dark And Gloomy
Tell Me


Steve : vocals, bass, synths
Arthur : guitars, mix
Seb : drums & videos


You can always rely on the French Psych Stoner Rock scene to provide a band that releases a quality sounding debut album packed full of weird and wonderful ideas that leave little to the imagination and Starmonger are that band. Their debut full length album Revelations is a groove-laden affair with elements of Fuzz Rock, Doom Rock Space Rock and a healthy dose of Progressive themes that all build up to a superbly executed record that does almost everything right.

Revelations may have sounds and grooves you’ve heard elsewhere but there is a huge likeable factor with Starmonger and their delivery of riffs brings back memories of bands such as The Sword, KYUSS, Black Sabbath, Mastodon and Mars Red Sky. The lyrics are quite “out-there” throughout but the music and outstanding vocals makes everything work. The progresive elements of the album is what make this a genuinely exciting and beautifully heavy record.

The opening songs Rise Of The Fishlords and The Last Man show that Starmonger have a keen eye for more fantastical Psych Stoner Rock/Metal especially with the ideas and lyrics contained on both songs. It also helps that the band has a great sense of humour with the band not taking themselves too seriously. Both songs are helped along by a thumping bass line from Steve who also provides Vocals and Synth duties.

The 3rd song Rust To Dust is where I was fully sold with this band and their cool style of Progressive Stoner Rock/Metal becoming more serious and allowing the band to start playing their own style of music on their own terms. These guys take no prisoners with their fast-paced blend of Hard Rock and Classic Rock with some top-notch guitar riff wizardry being one of the best parts of the song and entire album.

Revelations does offer a more gloomier outlook on the 2nd part of the album with Starmonger becoming more Progressive and Doom Metal orientated that you wouldn’t expect. I even noticed some Mastodon-esque guitar riff worship but still allowing Starmonger to add their own Parisian charm to the overall sound of the album.

The album can be downright “funky” in places with Starmonger adding a “Funk Rock” effect on different stages of the album. The album sounds very raw from start to finish but it’s still bolstered by fantastic audio qualities that makes it more of a real record.

Starmonger have steadily been releasing quality releases over the last few years and it’s all been building upto the main event of this stunning debut album. Revelations is no doubt sure to make an impression with the Stoner Rock/Metal community. As this is an album that has something for everyone to admire and enjoy.

My final thoughts on Revelations that Starmonger have aimed and delivered big for this release and it’s a superbly entertaining and adventurous album that will no doubt allow Starmonger hopefully make a bigger name for themselves within the scene.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Starmonger for the promo. Revelations will be available to buy on CD/DD from November 27th 2020.


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