Monday 16 November 2020

Stone Machine Electric - The Inexplicable Vibrations Of Frequencies Within The Cosmic Netherworld (Album Review)

Date Released: December 04th 2020. Label: Desert Records. Format: CD/DD

The Inexplicable Vibrations Of Frequencies Within The Cosmic Netherworld - Tracklisting

1. Journey on the Nile
2. At Crystal Lake...
3. Free Thought

Band Members

Kitchens - Druns
Dub - Guitars


Stone Machine Electric return with their new full length album The Inexplicable Vibrations Of Frequencies Within The Cosmic Netherworld. That’s perhaps the most creative and craziest album title of the year so far. Though, it gives you a good indication where the Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal Duo are going with their 4th album and it’s a heavy and hazy progressive journey in the Psyche of Spaced Out Doom/Stoner Rock.

Kitchens and Dub aim high with this release as the album takes a surreal journey with the 3 songs on the album. You get 3 new tracks from the band with the 3rd song - Free Thought - being recorded live earlier this year.

Opening song - Journey On The Nile - sees the band channel their inner Hawkwind, OM and Sleep with a deep progressive Pink Floyd influence leading the way. The song lasts for 20 minutes and offers the perfect balance of meditative Drone sounds before the band throw caution to the wind and play a heavier and almost apocalyptic style of Doom/Stoner Metal. The band still play a more calmer style of music whilst retaining their heavy groove. This is a Progressive Doom/Stoner Metal song of the highest order and easily ranks as some of the best work the band have released to date.

The interplay between Kitchens and Dub is pure poetry at times with the Drums and Guitars operating in a more exciting blend of almost “Jazz” based ideas throughout the album.

Second song - At Crystal Lake - sees the band step away from the heavier sounds for the first half of the song and remain in more Post-Rock territory with a mellow style of Doom and Stoner Rock. I will admit I was expecting something heavier with this song but the more I listened to this song, the more I admired the styles of music the band offers on this song. The song lasts for 15 minutes and the band include many different themes yet again with a song that never gives up in bringing superb sounding Progressive and Psychedelic grooves that the band are known for. This song is perhaps best described as Ambient Stoner Rock with the heavy riffs appearing at different stages of the song.

Third song - Free Thought - is a live track recorded earlier this year lasting another 9 minutes and it shows the band in all their live technicolour glory. This song carries on the same feels heard in the other two songs but with a more experimental and stripped back approach. This was a great decision to include a live performance of this song. As it brings you closer to the band that you would initially expect.

With these guys being natives of Texas then it wouldn’t be a true Stone Machine Electric record without the genius of Kent Stump (WO FAT) being part of the recording process and it’s good to see Kent has helped to master and record this album. With Josh Block helping on the epic 1st song from his famous Niles City Sound music studio. So this album offers some of the best Doom/Stoner Rock that Texas has to offer and shows there’s a close burgeoning community over there.

Stone Machine Electric have delivered an out-of-this-world Doom/Stoner Rock extravaganza and will no doubt have their fair share of critical plaudits coming their way. This is a must have album to own especially if you’re a dedicated follower of the band and the Doom/Stoner Rock community.

Words By Steve Howe

Thanks to Desert Records and Stone Machine Electric for the promo.

The Inexplicable Vibrations Of Frequencies Within The Cosmic Netherworld will be available to buy on CD/DD via Desert Records from December 04th 2020.