Wednesday 11 November 2020

Temple Of The Fuzz Witch - Red Tide (Album Review)

Release date: October 16th 2020. Label: Interstellar Smoke Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Red Tide – Tracklisting

1.Baphomet 04:58
2.Cherenkov Light 05:30
3.The Others 05:57
4.Dead's Desire 06:13
5.Cimmerian 09:30
6.Agony 07:21
7.Ungoliant 06:15


Temple Of The Fuzz Witch return with their 2nd album - Red Tide - and it's what you expect from this hugely talented outfit. Carrying on with their heavy Doom/Stoner Metal riffs first heard on their last album. The band feel and sound more heavier on this record with the Detroit rockers using their Doom Metal surroundings to their advantage on this record. The vocals are more grounded and you can feel that from the superb opening song – Baphomet.

The song is a gloomy prospect with the mixture of Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Psych Rock and Stoner Metal being constructed with each passing moment. The heavy guitars are quite FUZZY in places and should appeal to fans of Black Sabbath and Church Of Misery. Well, maybe not as sinister as Church Of Misery but the atmosphere can be just as heavy and the lyrics just as poetic.

Second song – Cherenkov Light – is a more theatrical and progressive style of Doom/Stoner Metal with the band adding surreal Psychedelic noises which only add to the claustrophobic effect. Parts Sabbath and Uncle Acid music worship are instantly recognizable but Temple Of The Fuzz Witch employ their own blend of Heavy Rock/Metal with elements of FUZZ ROCK being used for delicious effect. The song becomes more theatrical in the closing moments and has a more 70s classic Doom Metal feel that only makes the song standout even more.

Third song – The Others – is another deftly played slow effort with the band biding their time for the heavy atmospheric grooves to appear. The vocals are more restrained but are helped along by superb lyrics that really sell the whole vision of the album to the listener. The Psychedelic movements can be heard in the background amongst the heavy riffs and fantastic drumming that the song contains.

Temple Of The Fuzz Witch move into the more heavy Progressive Doom side of life for the next part of the album with songs such as:: Cimmerian and Agony – leading the way for the more interesting creative choices the band have written for this album. I would say Cimmerian is perhaps the standout song on the album.

Though there is a lot to admire with all the songs. As they all bring a sense of individuality to the overall flow and story of the album.

Temple Of The Fuzz Witch have released another excellent record with Red Tide and it’s one that will keep you entertained over and over again.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe