Tuesday 17 November 2020

Tony Reed & Sergeant Thunderhoof team up to pay tribute to the music of Kate Bush.

December 4th 2020 sees the first in a new series of releases from Pale Wizard Records entitled: ‘Beyond the Pale: Volume One’. The concept for this exciting venture is to pay homage to classic artists in a contemporary style using often unexpected musicians.

For this first chapter in the series, we are delighted to present to you a transatlantic meeting between two heavyweights of the fuzz/desert/stoner/psychedelic/heavy rock community as they re-imagine two of Kate Bush’s most iconic tracks.

First up, the UK’s Sergeant Thunderhoof deliver a stunning and brooding version of 1985’s
‘Cloudbusting’ from the best selling album ‘Hounds of Love’. Recorded during lockdown, this track sees the band pushing their musical boundaries whilst retaining their signature heavy groove. 

From the soaring, reverb laden vocals to the heavy slabs of guitar and fuzzy bass, this song exemplifies The Hoof’s fascination with incorporating pop sensibilities with the darker tones of their previous material.

“Having the opportunity to take on this legendary piece of music has been both delightful and challenging. What started out as something that was just an idea niggling away soon seemed to take on a life of its own, particularly once Tony was added to the mix. To see the project come to life has been incredibly rewarding. Cloudbusting always takes me back to my childhood as my Dad had the VHS and I always found it intriguing.” – Dan Flitcroft (Sergeant Thunderhoof).

Taking on the challenge of completing the B-Side for this project is the multi-instrumentalist Tony Reed, most commonly known as guitarist and vocalist for US heavy rock titans Mos Generator. Choosing to take on the complex and avant-garde song ‘Sat in Your Lap’ from Kate’s 1982 LP ‘The Dreaming’. This song showcases Tony’s distinct musicality and deep understanding of melody and structure.

“The Dreaming, my favourite album of hers and an album I consider having one of the best
productions of all time. To cover any song off that record would be a challenge. I like challenges. I think I chose “Sat In Your Lap” because I like the rhythm and the placement of the vocals. I couldn’t visualize what my version would sound like when I started deconstructing her musical and vocal arrangements, but I knew that I would keep the drum parts as true to the original as I could.” – Tony Reed.

Release Info:

‘Beyond the Pale: Volume One’ is released on December 4th 2020 through Pale Wizard Records on digital and limited edition 12” Vinyl.






Available in three different colour variants. Pre-order now at: https://palewizard.bigcartel.com/