Monday 29 November 2021

Argonauta Records - Devouring The Mountains Volume 6 (Album Review)

Release Date: December 06th 2021. Record Label: Argonauta Records. Format: DD

Devouring The Mountains - Volume 6 - Tracklisting

1.WOODEN FIELDS - Read the Signs 

2.THE LUCID FURS - Pull the String 

3.FIMIR - Temple of Madness 

4.INDIGO RAVEN - The White Knight Syndrome

5.GOATFATHER - Convoy 05:02

6.SOLAR MANTRA - Monster from the Abyss

7.HIGH FIGHTER - Dead Gift (live)

8.MITOCHONDRIAL SUN - Bodies and Gold

9.MOURN THE LIGHT - I Bare the Scars

10.SPIRAL GRAVE - Nightmare on May Eve


12.CRIPTA BLUE - Creepy Eyes

13.BENTREES - Yellow

14.PACHIDERMA - Il Diavolo

15.A BROKEN DESIGN - Bird on a Wire

16.JENA - Graboid

17.POLYFRENETICS - Guilt in B Minor

18.HEBI KATANA - Struggle with a Lie


I always find reviewing Compilation Albums hard work. As there’s too many tracks to review and speculate upon. However, Devouring The Mountains Volume 6 I found rather easy to listen to, fully digest and rock out to. Released by Italian Powerhouse Record Label ARGONAUTA RECORDS to showcase the best tracks from its most recent releases and its array of fantastic artists.

This compilation includes some great tracks by Bentrees, The Lucid Furs, FIMIR, High Fighter, Cripta Blue, JENA and When The Deadbolt Breaks. The majority of these tracks offer the past, present and future releases from Argonauta Records that are all available to  buy now on various formats they come upon

The compilation is another excellent release with Gero showcasing some fantastic Doom, Sludge. Stoner, Desert Rock, Psych Rock and Post-Metal bands you may not have heard of. I’ve reviewed a high number of these releases in 2021 and some are AOTY contenders for myself such as CRIPTA BLUE and BENTREES. There is a killer live track from HIGH FIGHTER recently released Live Album for people missing LIVE PERFORMANCES.

With this being Volume 6 of Devouring The Mountains, I would say GERO has got this down to a fine art on what tracks to choose and which order they go in. The compilation does flow superbly well compared to other compilations I’ve heard recently. There is enough variety to keep folks entertained and maybe visit Argonauta Records to buy some merch if they feel the need to.

This is another outstanding and action packed release from the DEVOURING THE MOUNTAIN series and I’m excited to see what GERO brings to us all in 2022.

Forgot to mention this will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD on 6th December 2021.

Words by Steve Howe


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