Tuesday 30 November 2021

Willowater - Loyal (EP Review)

Release Date: December 03rd 2021. Record Label. Self Released. Format: DD

Loyal - Tracklisting



Fly High

Winter Now


Jason Taylor

Robbie Carvalho


Anyone remember acclaimed Canadian Psych/Prog Stoner Rockers SIERRA from a few years back. The band went from Heavy Sludgy Stoner Grooves from their debut release to a more subdued Prog Rock flavour with their last release 2018’s The Mirror.

Well SIERRA is back but with a new name of Willowater. They will be releasing their debut EP LOYAL on December 3rd 2021 and have long term plans for future releases. Though, let’s get started with Loyal. What can you expect on this EP. Willowater still carry on that early heavy sludgy SIERRA vibe that lands on the right side of Psychedelic goodness. 

There is still a hazy 70s Hard Rock sound with the vocals being more up front compared to SIERRA’s other releases. The song is quite punchy with Willowater perhaps gaining influences from the lesser known bands of the 70s Hard Rock and 90s Stoner Rock scenes. There is a pounding BASS line that matches the Psychedelic Stoner Grooves superbly well. The band adds cool ELECTRONICA parts or what sounds like ELECTRONICA moments on this song. A superb track to open the EP with.

Second song Loyal opens with the heaviest riffs with brooding drums and intense guitars on the entire EP. Jason’s vocals are veer from Classic Heavy Metal HIgh Pitched Screams to a less Sludge/Stoner Rock style. The song becomes more aggressive with a gloomier approach happening with the lyrics. Another one of the EP’s standout tracks. There is a high amount of Prog Rock/Metal riff wizardry going on within this track. Superb musicianship all round. 

The final two tracks Fly High and Winter Now continue with the same mission of embracing the two worlds of Psych Stoner Rock and 70s Prog Metal with a fine detour into other areas of music. I loved the ELECTRONICA vibe once again on Winter Now. The vocals and lyrics are superb but maybe not as strong as two opening tracks. However, this still allows Willowater to release a superbly written and produced Debut EP to build upon and the guys look to have a wonderfully bright future indeed.


Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Jason for the promo. Loyal will be available to buy digitally on December 3rd 2021.


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