Saturday 13 November 2021

Lay Bare Recordings Announce MODDER Debut Album To Be Released in December 2021

On Discovery TV one of the biggest hits are shows on goldmining. Where people search through mud to find gold. They wash away the mud for their treasure. At Lay Bare Recordings we're always on the lookout for new music treasure. This time we laid bare Modder. We didn’t wash away the mud for treasure but the mud itself is the treasure. 

Modder ( or Mud in English ) is an industrial sludge metal band from the streets of Ghent. These sludgers will release their debut album on Lay Bare Recordings, in cooperation with Consouling Sounds, on 12” coloured vinyl.

LBR035 / 250 pieces on Gold with Black Splatter.

Pre-order open, release date December 13th: Order MODDER

Modder is all about riffs. Riffs designed to make you shake your neck, supported by thundering basslines and grooving drums. Surrounded by industrialist samples and synths to forge an unique sound in the sludge landscape.

Modder started out as a passion project between guitarist, songwriter & producer Mathieu Mathlovsky and his long-time companion Gregory Simons on drums. After recording and releasing their massive first single ‘Mudslinger’ (November 2020) on bandcamp (Mudslinger | Modder (

Bass player Maurice van der Es joined the duo to expand the sonic mayhem. The self-titled album, which was recorded even before ‘Mudslinger’ in spring of 2020, gained its extra low end as a result. Recruiting Maxime Rouquart from Greg’s band, Modder found their second guitarist for that extra layer of distortion.

Simon Felix was approached to perform the programmed bass synths & industrial samples live and the band was fully formed, directly heading into the rehearsal space to become the tight outfit they have quickly become. 

Lay Bare Recordings gave the band a home to release the ‘Modder’ 12” on after some back and forth talks, feeling familiar with each other, the plans to go forward were quickly formed. After performing their first live show, in the dungeons of a Belgian Castle, Consouling Sounds was impressed enough to offer their support to do a co-release between the legendary labels.

You can watch the video for the new song Mount Frequency which Rob Hammer's always awesome YouTube Doom Metal Channel hosted recently