Saturday 20 November 2021

Saint Nicotine - Until The Sun Destroys Everything (EP Review)

Release Date: November 15th 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Until the sun destroys everything - Tracklisting

Until the sun destroys everything


Until the sun destroys everything is the debut EP from Instrumental Doom/Sludge Metal Duo Saint Nicotine from Greece. This  is a different kind of band I’ve heard from Greece where most of the bands have been your standard Desert/Stoner Rock fare. That’s no bad thing as there’s some amazing bands within the Greece Hard Rock/Metal scene.

Saint Nicotine plays down-tuned and very punk sounding Instrumental Doom/Sludge Metal that occasionally veers into Post-Metal territory. The sound is primal with it’s raw sound that sees everything stripped back with Saint Nicotine playing a less polished and more industrial based groove. The EP runs for 21 minutes but it is broken down into individual songs or chapters which the band have put up on their BandCamp page as well if you want to listen to certain parts by themselves.

The EP is quite adventurous and downright murky with the progression of the music being played here. It’s fast-paced and they avoid the pitfalls of trying to emulate other bands such as Pelican and Russian Circles though there are slight influences from those two great bands. WIth this being primarily a Drum ’N’ Bass Duo, the drums and bass guitar used effectively with the band bringing some wild progressive sounds to the mix of the EP.

I do wish there was more variety with the music as the EP does run out of steam towards the end but Saint Nicotine have already delivered the goods long before then. The rebellious nature of this EP did win me over and I thoroughly enjoyed the “LO-FI” atmospherics woven into the complete style of music that Saint Nicotine achieved with this release. 

Until the sun destroys everything may be a “niche” release for some but those willing to invest their time will be treated to an exciting Instrumental Doom/Sludge Metal release with brains and brawn to match.

Words by Steve Howe


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