Monday 1 November 2021

Throneless - Pariah (Album Review)

Release Date: October 26th 2021. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Pariah - Tracklisting

1.Atlas Burnout 05:48

2.Lion Tamer 08:31

3.Lack of Purpose 04:49

4.Halls of Extinction 05:45

5.Elder 10:00


Johan Strandell - drums

Johan Sundén - guitar

Hannes Heed - bass


Pariah is the third album from Swedish Doom/Sludge Metallers Throneless and comes three and a half years after their acclaimed last album Cycles. This album is not as cosmic as spaced out as that album with the band returning to the heavier “CONAN” influenced style of their debut release. There are still heavy psychedelic moments within the album but mostly Pariah is a a more demonic style of Doom Metal compared to Cycles.

The vocals are more feral with a more threatening edge which you can hear right away with superb opening track Atlas Burnout. Heavy Drone/Doom Metal pitched against down-tempo Sludge Metal with that thumping distorted bass being played by Hannes as an instrument of punishment with the brutal sounds he brings to the song. The guitars and drums of both Johan’s bring their own devastating sound and weight to the party. Quite sombre in places but mostly Modern Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal played absolutely right.

Second song Lion Tamer sees a more Progressive flair come to the album and maybe a touch of “Cycles” familiarity with the Psychedelic moments before returning to the heavy distorted sound the band thrive upon this release. Distorted Drone is the backdrop of this song with the band wisely throwing everything together and becoming a “SONIC” based nightmare. The vocals remind me of CONAN in places but it’s the music that’s the winning saviour though the harsh growls aren’t too far behind. This is the second longest track on the album and Throneless allows this to be one of the heaviest and standout tracks on the album.

The following two songs “Lack of purpose” and “Halls of Extinction” both run around the five and six minutes mark with Throneless operating in a mostly Doom/Stoner Metal background for these two songs. There’s still plenty of opportunity for Throneless to flex their “DOOM” creative musicals by bringing more top-class riff-distortion for these two songs. 

The final song Elder is my favourite song with the band having an epic ten minute runtime to play around with. They let their heavy imaginations run wild here. Epic instrumental work from all 3 members with Throneless keeping a true “Progressive” flow to this track. Most of the albums heaviest and doomed-out grooves appear on this track with the band bringing a heavy Psychedelic flavour towards the later stages of the song.

Throneless released this album without any fanfare or publicity. Well none that I could see and i’m hoping a physical release of a Cassette Tape or Vinyl Release isn’t too far away. As I want to own this on Physical Media. The record is backed up by excellent production values that were done by Throneless themselves. The album does have a vibrant "DIY" approach but everything still sounds wonderfully heavy and modern from start to finish.

Pariah is another fantastic release from Throneless and perhaps maybe their heaviest and most accomplished album to date.

Words by Steve Howe


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