Thursday 28 September 2023

Swedish Sludge/Doom Metallers Slôdder Premiere New Song/Video For 46 From Upcoming New Album

“46”, the first single from “A Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things,” gives us a bleak look into a dark future, Slôdder's frenzied empest from their eyes of the struggle that is life. Mental breakdowns, addiction, hopelessness, hate and anger play central thematic roles throughout their upcoming album "A Mind Designed To Destroy Beautiful Things" and are channeled nonstop in the pummeling two minutes and three seconds of “46” by the dejected, deranged screams of enigmatic front man Henrik Lindkvist. From the feral fusion of this band’s ferociously dissonant parts, a bombastic arrangement with the devil himself emerges through scraping riffs and blindingly urgent low end, and we encounter and an exorcism of sorts, but also a seance, and a ritual all at once.

Quoted by the band as “an ode to Wermland, our home turf. The heartland of everything that is Slôdder. We could not exist anywhere else; this is who we are. It is a beautiful and tranquil place, but below the’s a whole different animal. Its where we find our inspiration, sanity, and strength..” we’re dragged kicking and screaming into a visceral hellscape of tarnished reputations, broken hearts, and wretched
souls without hope of redemption as hard as one might try.

Huge thanks to Outlaws Of The Sun for hosting this bestial creature!

Recorded from start to finish in 19 and a half hours at Sweden’s Studio.Underjord with the great Joona Hassinen, “A Mind Designed to Destroy.Beautiful Things” was produced live and raw, with the intention of capturing the sheer power, energy, and bestial emotion you encounter from Slôdder at a live gig. Continuous noise, no pause, no rest, left intentionally rough and unpolished as life itself can be. Make no mistake, there’s method in the madness and Slôdder’s misanthropic vision meets its gruesome mark with no hesitation. 

The band almost physically erupts with its decidedly dirty sound full of carnal filth and destructive fury, each member bringing searing heat the Slôdder sound.which can only be described as bludgeoning, hardcore sludge,.precariously traversing the world of the living and the dead giving.toxic levels of destitute soul wreckage somewhere between “who gives a fuck” and “fuck around and find out.”

Majestic Mountain Records has been entranced by Slôdder’s wicked ways from the get-go and chose the latter. Appealing to the beast in all of us, we are thrilled to finally present this savage album in an ultra-limited pressing of 100 with all the high-quality wax glory it deserves. Available for pre-sale this Friday the 29th of September, we are pleased to bring you a sneak peak of
what’s coming with the premiere of “46” ahead of the album’s official release on the 24th November.

Slôdder force feeds us a bleak, bellowing beast and single handedly vanquishes all notion of hope for escape, tearing it to bloody pieces whilst leaving us breathless and heaving for more amidst the carnage.

Get “46” in you and play it loud in preparation for the landing of “A Mind Designed To Destroy Beautiful Things” out officially from Majestic Mountain Records on the 24th of November. Pre-sale this Friday. 

For fans of Fistula, Eyehategod, and Weedeater.

Slôdder are:

Henrik Lindqvist
Henrik Östlund
Martin Abraham
Carl Johan Larsgården
Robert Hagel

All artwork and design by Emil Edman

Recorded Produced, Mixed and Mastered at Studio Underjord by Joona Hasseinen


Mind Designed to Destroy Beautiful Things
Still No Friends

Thanks to Majestic Mountain Records for all of the details.