Monday 4 September 2023

Sludge/Doom/Post-Metallers Azimut Announce New Album Stuma Released via Robustfellow

Get ready to plunge into the enigmatic realm of Azimut once more, as they unveil their upcoming magnum opus, «Stuma». This monumental album stands as a testament to the band's evolution since their debut EP, «30°», that was released last year. «Stuma» promises a musical odyssey that defies limits and strikes a profound chord within the soul. 

Robustfellow Prods. proudly presents "Stuma," a five-track journey meticulously crafted by the talented minds behind Azimut. With a runtime of 45 minutes, this album is a sonic tapestry woven from the threads of post-metal, sludge, and black metal, delivering an experience that defies convention and elevates the senses.


1. Stuma
2. Obriad
3. Chthonic Call
4. Ostrak
5. Nema

Stuma, Azimut's epic saga continues, and you're invited to join the expedition on September 22nd via Robustfellow. Through the canvas of sound and the strokes of visual art, Azimut and their music remind us that even in the darkest times, creativity and unity can shine brightly.

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