Thursday 28 September 2023

Psych/Acid/Fuzz/Kraut Rockers The Silver Linings Release New Song/Lyric Video For Cosmic Excursions From Upcoming New Album via Spinda Records

After the release of the song "Patient M" earlier in September and announcing last week that they'll be part of the line-up of the next edition of Alhambra Monkey Week in Spain, Andalusian psych band The Silver Linings is putting out on Friday "Cosmic excursions", second single of their upcoming debut album 'Pink Fish', available on October 11 through Spinda Records.

On this occasion, the band offers a face much closer to 60's psychedelia and space rock that will delight fans of bands such as Rolling Stones, Hawkwind, Acid Mess or Andalusian-psych-rock band Atavismo.

Formed in Malaga (Spain) in 2021, The Silver Linings self-released their debut EP ‘TSL’ back in May 2023. Just a few days later they were signed up by the indie record label Spinda Records (Moura, Fin del Mundo, Moundrag…) and went into the studio once again to record additional music to re-launch everything as their first full-length album in October 2023.

Photo by Nacho Gabrielli

The Silver Linings are highly influenced by 20th century sci-fi, Moorcock's literature, Moebius' illustrations, Tarkovsky's cinema, Jodorovsky's work and the poetry of the beat generation; in addition to natural landscapes of Andalusia such as El Torcal in Antequera, the Gorafe desert, the dunes of Bolonia and the Strait of Gibraltar. Due to the type of music they make and the fact that they reside in the south of Spain, they could be part of the new wave of psychedelic rock in Andalusia, along with groups such as Atavismo, Híbrido , Lunavieja, Medicina, Santo Rostro, Mía Turbia, Gu Vo or DMBK; although their sound - closer to acid-psych-space-kraut-rock - makes one think more of bands like Causa Sui, Hawkwind or Can.

The pre-order for the vinyl edition will be available at and Bandcamp, as well as the digital edition on the main digital streaming services.

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+ SPINDA RECORDS: Web | Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook

Thanks to Spinda Records for all of the details.