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An Interview with DEMONAUTA

Sometimes I envy myself when I found such bands like Demonauta and use the chance to take a look on the inner alchemy of the band. As many other unprofessional journalists or bloggers who write about some certain segment of scene always need to search and listen something new, to write about it, sometimes even to force myself to write about it.

So when you find the real gem amongst the new releases… Well, in such days I feel myself bloody happy as I can share the knowledge about this discovery with others. Demonauta of Satiago de Chile released their fourth record “Tierra del Fuego” on June 2016, and this time they made another step further from stoner scene to psychedelic territories of deep inner space.

Spirals and turns of amazing rocking tunes, melodic Spanish lyrics and absolutely extraterrestrial drive make me fall in love with Demonauta. Don’t miss one of the strongest psych stoner albums of 2016. And, by the way, we had a nice conversation with all three members of this power trio. Here they are David (guitar, vocals), Miguel (bass) and Ale (drums).

Salute comrades! Let me congratulate you and Demonauta with release of new album “Tierra del Fuego”! What’s the band’s current status? What do you plan to do now when you have the finished record at hand?

Miguel: Currently we are playing live shows as much as we can in Chile, and we are planning to do some shows outside of our country, possibly Argentina and Brasil, we have always said we are waiting for any invitation to Europe to put together a tour but mainly playing live shows in Chile, besides Being working on new material.

The band exists for about six years, what are the milestones of Demonauta? How would you describe the band’s journey from “Vol. 1” to “Tierra del Fuego”?

Ale: The contract we did with Bilocation records is a huge milestone to us. The fact that such an important label has put his eyes on us is really great. We also have made two tours to Argentina, it was a great opportunity to play our music outside our country. also open to Truckfighters in Chile and participate in the most bigger Chilean independent Festival: Woodstaco, for three times consecutive. Musically we have managed to expand our music in the way from Vol 1 to Tierra del Fuego by introducing more psychedelic sounds, It's been a natural path of evolution in the lyrics and music of Demonauta.

How do you value “Vol.1” nowadays, five years after this material was composed and recorded?

David: It is the first album of the band, so there was much illusion at the time, eager to get away with them, fulfil dreams, on the composition is a rescue of the songs i had composed with the previous lineup, I treasure the memory remains of that stage, most innocent, know all, everything was new to us with “Vol 1.”

Demonauta – Astro II

The band exists as a trio, what’s your current lineup? How long do you know each other?

Ale/David: The band is currently working as a trio, and there are no plans to change it, because in this format every instrument has his own space, and it’s the format we like. We know each other for about 6 years now, the current line up is David Véliz Molina: Guitar vocals, Miguel Angel Quezada: Bass and Ale Sanhueza de la Fuente: Drums.

What did you put in the band’s name when you started the band? What is Demonauta core idea – both lyrically and musically?

David: The name of the band is a composed word between Demon and cosmonaut, Demon represents the heavy of our music and Cosmonaut the psychedelic of our music, in the lyrics we put several questions that humanity has with the system in which we live, seek answers through rites, taking drugs or being in contact with nature.

And have you succeeded in your explorations?

David: Of course, change your way of seeing things, you have more perspectives on things of life, more answers to reach a conclusion, you feel more human and more part of the universe, most native, as it should be in reality our lives.

Your new album shows pretty wide range of influences, but you call it just “fuzz rock”, is it enough to get an impression of your sound?

Ale: We call it “fuzz rock” because when you hear a Demonauta album the fuzz it’s what predominates. There are clean passages in the songs, but the fuzzed out guitars and basses will show eventually.

Stoner and psychedelic bands are usually tagged as “drugs-influenced”, which part do substances play in your artistic life?

Ale/Miguel: Drugs are a way to escape from personal o social issues, but also increases the musical horizons so obviously they play an important part in our compositions. In our rehearsals we mostly drink beer (a lot), and smoke weed. We have explored with various substances and also a good Chilean Wine.

What are your most positive and negative experience of taking mind-changing substances?

David: With drugs I don’t have any bad experiences so far, drinking a lot yes, I think that unlike the use of alcohol, drugs such as LSD or marijuana is where one knows himself and is more in touch whit nature and in balance with yourself. Alcohol makes you do things you do not remember things with lack of balance. Ha ha ha!

“Tierra del Fuego” sounds highly professional, and it demonstrates excellent skills of you as composers. How long did you work over it? How did you develop your sound? Was it an intention to make the album diverse and multilayered?

Miguel: Yes, initially we think on diversity for the Album. The fuzz sound is the fundamental stone of the sonic architecture of the Band, and on this Album we worked with more sound nuances, some songs of Tierra del Fuego were composed in a couple of years, but it involved a lot of rehearsals and work before we get in the studio to record them, to get the sound that we wanted.

One of your new songs “Del Vendaval” unusually melodic and I would say romantic, it sounds untypical even for unorthodox Demonauta. What’s the story behind this killer song?

David: Yes, I wrote that song, the idea in the lyric is a thought versus how insignificant we are as a society or as a person, everything we do to try to succeed, it makes little sense if you think that in the end, only thing true or certain for us is that we die, death turns everything into ashes, I insist that our lives can not lose, making money or vanity or be who we are not... and the music comes to me when I walk or watching something beautiful some sunset or the stars, or just smoking pot, I record the melodies in my phone and then I play guitar, every note, rhythm or melody simply comes from the universe.

Demonauta – Del Vendaval

Do you have some favorite songs on the album? Or some song what was difficult to finish and you were happy when it was done?

David: My favorite songs on the album are “Del Vendaval” and “Psychonaut”. I wanted to put something more melodic to contrast and show that we can play different things, get away from the typical Stoner Rock cost me a bit to convince my colleagues but we talked and we did so. I think all the songs are good, but some left out, stranger within the album “Angela Loij” is a blues for the last Selknam (the indigenous people of Tierra del Fuego), she died in 1974. Songs like “Blues para Angela Loij”, “Venas de la Tierra” and “Planeta Muerto” are about the extermination of the beautiful and mystical culture Selknam, by a handful of men heartless soulless who sought, only the material, the money, in their nasty lives.

Demonauta songs’ lyrics are written in Spanish, what do you prefer to song about? How is it important for you to sing in your native language?

Miguel: Most of the songs are written in Spanish, but in our last Album you can find in English too, this was thinking of expanding the horizons of the Band. And we like the both ways, Castilian is one of the richest languages in grammatical terms, then the fusion of metaphors with the music is very important and enriching, is easier for us to conceptualize.

What make you proud of being in Demonauta? Do you look for recognition? Do you look for a chance to change the world with your music? Or is it just therapy for you?

David: I am proud to see our albums in different countries of the world, we have decided to play honest music, being in the underground, and reach so many people with humility, and see so many positive things always happen, finally everything falls under its own weight and the universe is in charge of putting things where they should be, we are not that kind of people looking for approval, calling attention negatively...and yes I would like to change the world for the better, see people thinking and in the search for the true, also is therapy for us, in the end the music is everything to us.

Chilean scene looks isolated though I know few examples of more traditional doom bands which are well known in Europe. How do you promote Demonauta in your country and outside of it?

Ale / Miguel: There’s a lot of good bands in Chile, in the stoner/ doom/ psych scene, we recommend you to listen to Kayros, At Devil Dirt, Chinsaki, Bagual…to name a few. In Chile, the way to promote music is playing live as much as possible and to release new material continually, otherwise you stay on the road. Outside of Chile we promote the band through social networks and YouTube.

How is it – to live in modern Santiago? How do you like it?

David: Live of the music is complicated here, we had a cultural blackout by the military coup that we still worthwhile, now the education is nothing but brainwashing people to believe normal to be slaves of money, the radio is a branch of foreign stamps and pretend that there are no good bands in Chile. So amid all the crap there is, always a beautiful flower is born alone, despite all the destruction even breaking the cement, that is Demonauta in Santiago de Chile opens the cement and grow up. Ha h aha!

Thank you for the interview comrade! I’m glad that we had this chance to talk about Demonauta and I wish you all the best on your way. Do you have few more words of psychedelic wisdom for our readers?

: Let's get away from the interests of materials belonging, and loss of humanity, money is nothing more than a figment a fantasy an illusion, as the rules and everything invents the inhuman being, this life is not given to us to work to death or to buy things we do not need, listen to the wind's, connect with nature, Let's smoke and drink, as did our ancestors and play with fuzz on top!

Words by Aleks Edvokimov and Demonauta


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Seedy Jeezus with Isaiah Mitchell – Tranquonauts (Album Review)

Release date: September 2016. Label: Blown Music / Lay Bare Recordings. Format: Vinyl

Seedy Jeezus with Isaiah Mitchell – Tranquonauts – Tracklisting

Side A – The Vanishing Earth
Side B – King of the Lepers

Band Members:

Isaiah Mitchell – Guitar, Vibraphone, Toy Piano
Lex Waterreus – Guitar, samples
Mark Sibson – Drums
Paul Crick – Bass
Matt Murphy – Keyboards


Two worlds collide with Tranquonauts. The unexpected collaboration between Aussie Psych Stoners – Seedy Jeezus and Isaiah Mitchell from Psych Rock Legends – Earthless. Tranquonauts has spaced out psychedelic sound that you associate with both artists but still offering something daring original and exciting on its own terms. The album has two epic twenty minute tracks that allows Tranquonauts create heavy spaced out psychedelic riffs that incorporate jam based grooves with elements of Psych, Stoner, Fuzz and Doom.

It’s purely instrumental as vocals would have easily spoilt the addictive mood held on the album.

Opening track – The Vanishing Earth – is a song that will be enjoyed by any serious music fan. The song is mainly a jam based affair held together by a series of musical chapters that allows the band members to create their own identity on the album. It has a jazzy progressive nature with the Psych Rock influences being the main attraction here. If you’re a fan of both Seedy Jeezus and Earthless then you know what to expect. It’s quite a bold song at times as Tranquonauts incorporate quite a few different musical instruments such as Keyboards and Organs that gives the album a sixties/seventies psych rock organic sound.

Second track – King Of The Lepers – follows the same path as The Vanishing Earth but with a more crazier and experimental sound. This is perhaps the standout track on the album as it has a broader musical scope with the music being more structured than the opening track. The mood of the entire album becomes extremely loud at times as Tranquonauts only have this song to impress you with. Doomish guitars merged with the Space Rock sounds bring back memories of early-ear Earthless at times. This song has quite a seedy atmosphere especially with the opening soundclip that will leave you in a bleak mood. It’s a slow-paced affair but give the band time as they will soon be back to expanding your mind with their cosmic rhythms and riffs.

I’ve heard rumours that Tranquonauts is meant to be a one-off collaboration. I hope this isn’t the case as these guys may have created one of the finest collaborations within the Stoner/Psych Rock world over the last few years or so. Both artists could be onto something special here. Let’s hope that Tranquonauts decide to continue as I would love to hear more from them in the years to come. If that’s not meant to be then they’ve left behind an incredible record.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Lay Bare Recordings for the promo. Tranquonauts (Seedy Jeezus with Isaiah Mitchell) is available on Vinyl now from Lay Bare Recordings and Seedy Jeezus.

Seedy Jeezus Links:

Isaiah Mitchell Links:

Earthless Links:

Black Tomb - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: September 06th 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Black Tomb – Tracklisting

1.Under the Pine 06:12
2.Eyes at Midnight 05:12
3.Swine 05:14
4.Mortuary Rites 00:59
5.Draped in Flesh 08:50
6.Lust and Saturn 04:18
7.Turning Worm 04:57
8.Church on the Hill 13:25


Black Tomb call themselves a New England Doom Metal Band. Though that only gives the listener a brief glimpse into their music. As the band blend Doom, Sludge, Psych, Stoner, Punk and even Death Metal onto their debut album.

It's an album built on the foundation of nightmares as the atmosphere is bleak from the start. Fans Of Cough and Electric Wizard will find much to enjoy here as opening track Under The Pine creates a heavy fuzz-laiden atmosphere with the band changing musical styles throughout the album. The vocals are a blend of doom/sludge growls with a sinister Death Metal style appearing from time to time.

Black Tomb even have the audacity to play progressive stoner metal riffs when the mood is considerably bleak. It's a pulsating style of music that sees Black Tomb playing to their strengths on the rest of the album. If you like your music on the more demonic side of life then Black Tomb are here to cater to your every need. Pitch-black vocals become more common on tracks such as Eyes At Midnight, Swine, Turning Worm and the epic final song – Church Of The Hill.

The instrumental work is what holds your attention as Black Tomb create music that shouldn't really go together. Black Tomb throw everything at you and it's too their credit you're not bored for a single second. The album itself is a brutal headbanging riff-fest that allows Black Tomb to have so much devilish fun. Some people may not hear the Stoner/Sludge based vibes but trust me as they're lurking in the background.

This album is going down a storm on BandCamp and it's not hard to see why. It's an album that has something for everyone and it's an album that should be an essential purchase for any self respecting Heavy Metal fan. If you need more evidence to check out Black Tomb, have a look who mastered it. Brad Boatright at the legendary Audiosiege.

With Halloween just around the corner, Black Tomb have released the perfect soundtrack for you to lose yourself in. My advice, Smoke Your Favourite BONG, Turn Up The Volume, as it's time to worship at the church of BLACK TOMB.

I have a feeling that we could be hearing a lot more from Black Tomb in the years to come. As they have created a devilish vision that deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

Words by Steve Howe


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Holy Serpent - Temples (Album Review)

Release date: 30th September 2016. Label: RidingEasy Records . Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Temples – Tracklisting

1.Purification By Fire
2.Bury Me Standing
3.Toward The Sands
4.The Black Stone
5.Sativan Harvest

Band Members:

Scott Penberthy - Guitar/Vocals
Nick Donoughue - Guitar
Dave Bartlett - Bass
Lance Leembrugen - Drums


Here we go, with another fabulous review! Let me open with the same words I used after the first seconds of listening. Holy shit! Holy Serpent! Holy Serpent’s latest album is something absolutely amazing and insane. In this latest release, Temples (RidingEasy Records), the Melbourne based quartet completely expand their sonic journey through a much more heavier and massive sound compared with their self-titled debut album (Holy Serpent).

Here, the tunes are atmospheric and heavy, and the slow grooving passages perfectly mix with the vocals of Scott Penberthy that, in some passages closely remind one of the finest voices of the grunge scene of the 90's, Layne Staley. What I found really interesting in this album, is the perfectly mix of doom, stoner and grunge, where (slowed) Black Sabbath fuses with Alice in Chains, Fu Manchu and Acid King. All without disdaining more psychedelic passages, as in the best tradition of the 60/70’s.

The album opens with Purification By Fire, where slow-burn riffs, rhythmic and massive patterns of bass and drum slowly accompany the listener into dark and heavy atmosphere, where the vocals really remind to the best Layne Staley. This long opener ends with a riffage close to Acid King. One of my favourite tracks. It follows Bury Me Standing, a song which starts with a powerful wha-guitar-solo and then suddenly change tempo, perfectly declining the doom concept of Saint Vitus around the howls of Penberthy.

In Toward the Sands, Holy Serpent expand their sonic experimentation, as the song constantly turns on a dime from fast rager to doom, and where we can hear in some passages the echo of Monolord’s Cursing The One (from their amazing album Vaenir, RidingEasy Record). The same groove can be found in the next The Black Stone, possibly the song with one of the heaviest, slow and obsessive rhythmic of the whole album. And, mind you, is not a note of disappointment, indeed. Simply amazing.

Temples closes with a 12 minutes long journey through Holy Serpent, Sativan Harvest, a three-pieces song which is built around an epic stoner/doom riffage that drifts into haze of droning guitars. Here the tunes are, if possible, even more fat, slow and dark. Around the sixth minute, the psychedelic change in pure Pink Floyd style gently introduce a massive dose of heavy and elephantine riffs, where the vocals become, if possible, even more intensive and profound. The third part of Sativan Harvest accompanies the listener towards the end of Temples, where guitars, bass and drum give way to synths, strings and cellos, in an ending that leaves you speechless, where the dark atmospheres of the whole album are replaced by a deep sense of calm, where doom meets Björk. The perfect ending to a great album.

What else can I say...Holy Shit! Holy Serpent!

Words by Bruno Bellisario

Thanks to Dave at US/THEM Group for the promo. Temples will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via RidingEasy Records from September 30th 2016.


Moanaa - Passage (Album Review)

Release date: 15th September 2016. Label: Arachnophobia Records . Format: CD/DD

Passage – Tracklisting

1.[...] 01:32
2.The Process, Part I 09:08
3.The Process, Part II 03:03
4.Crystal 06:48
5.Terra Mater 12:24
6.The Shift 09:51
7.Grim Encounter 12:29

Band Members:

Łukasz "cHooDy" Kursa - guitar
Marcel Łękawa - drums
Damian "Cichy" Olearczyk - bass
Kuba "Piwus" Piwowarczyk - guitar
K-vass - vocals


Greetings all,

This time around I got to check out the new album by Doomy Polish Post metal juggernaut Moanaa. Passage is the bands third release and it is a titan. This band brings the heavy, along with the melody, and ambience for anyone in to post-whatever. This is a really masterfully played and masterfully recorded album that I hope people take the time to check out.

Listeners have to be ready for the long haul, as Moanaa brings it long and heavy. 4 of the 7 tracks break 9 minutes, with two of those crushing for over 12 minutes. The Passage is either intentionally or unintentionally a journey through many a sonic passageway. There are a couple of items that really stick out. The band rocks in and out of different styles effortlessly, just as vocalist K-vass goes from clean singing to a guttural growl in a snap. It is impressive. The band also loves their delay pedals, as clean guitar chimes rattle through riff after riff of head banging goodness. These guys also fully embrace some relaxed moments of pseudo relaxing ambience, that relaxes you just enough to snap your next at the next crushing thud.

The songs really show the band's strong playing and songwriting. After a brief intro, the record kicks in to the two part The Process, 12 minutes over 2 tracks that shows you exactly what is in store for you. After the awesome little (almost 7 minute) Crystal, they unleash the epic Terra Mater. This 12+ minute opus destroys you for almost 9 minutes before cradling you in the warm acoustic glow of the last 3 minutes, that shows you everything is going to be OK...at least until The Shift and Grim Encounter close the record out out by crushing your soul and leaving you wanting more. It is a massive epic voyage! Find it and Enjoy!

Words by Todd Stealey


GEEZER - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: 18th November 2016. Label: Ripple Music (CD/DD) and STB Records (Vinyl). Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Geezer – S/T – Tracklisting

Sunday Speed Demon
One Leg Up
Sun Gods
Bi-Polar Vortex
Hangnail Crisis
Superjam Maximus
Stoney Pony

Band Members:



Heavy Blues/Doom Rockers – Geezer – return with another round of fast-paced riffs on their new self-titled album. Two years have passed since their last release – Gage. Geezer’s new album is being released by powerhouse partnership of Ripple Music and STB Records. So you have that mark of quality working in your favour when those two great labels are involved.

Geezer’s new album starts with the very low-key opening track – Sunday Speed Demon. A bluesy and almost country classic rock song which is definitely not the most familiar sound Geezer is known for. Pat Harrington (Vox/Guitars) then turns into a rock and roll preacher with shouts of Hallelujah and Amen. Then the heavy riffs start to appear and the album finally comes into life. You better fasten your seatbelts folks, as from here on in, Geezer change the whole tone of the album for the better.

Second track – One Leg Up – sets the whole tone for the remainder of the album as Pat appears to channel his inner-spacelord. He sounds like a much younger and vibrant Dave Wyndorf. That’s not the only change as Geezer start to channel the early cosmic spaced out sounds of Monster Magnet with the heavy thunderous rock charge of Blue Cheer. The grooves become more psychedelic and the music is heavier as a result.

The song-writing is fantastic with the lyrics having a certain tongue-in-cheek quality about them, though it’s the music that holds your attention. Geezer seems to be thriving with their sudden change of sound. The one thing that impressed me the most about the album is how Geezer has added elements of Droned Out Space Rock. This allows Geezer to create a doomier and spaced out sound compared to previous releases.

The next three tracks – Sun Gods, Bi-Polar Vortex and Dust – is where Geezer impress the most as they create some of the albums standout moments. Sun Gods has a haunting Post-Rock/Doom/Drone kind of vibe with some spacier Desert Rock style vocals. That could be my favourite song on the entire album and perhaps my favourite song by Geezer so far.

Bi-Polar Vortex and Dust carries on the spaced out vibe but with traces of Geezer’s familiar style of Blues Rock/Doom riffs making a welcome return. Pat’s vocals impress yet again that remind me of Dave Wyndorf yet again but with a grungier outlook.

The production on the album is crisp and precise as this allows Geezer to create the best sounding record of their career so far. I’ve been a fan of Geezer for a few years now so trust me this is the best they have ever sounded. You can tell that the band put their heart and soul into this album. It’s a passionate and hard-rocking affair with the eight songs on the album being equally as good as each other.

The album runs for fifty-two minutes or so and Geezer impress from the very start. Geezer’s transformation from Doom/Blues Rockers to Spaced Out/Cosmic Stoner Rockers is one that you all need to hear and experience for yourselves. I can’t rate this album highly enough. Geezer may have delivered perhaps one of the best Stoner Rock albums of the year in my opinion.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Richard at Sheltered Life PR for the promo. Geezer will be released on CD/DD via Ripple Music and Vinyl via STB Records from November 18th 2016.


Blood Diamond - Saviours (Album Review)

Release date: 3rd September 2016 . Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Saviours – Tracklisting

1.Insanity Grows 05:50
2.The Heckler 03:03
3.Your Pointless Gods 03:00
4.Sand and Stones 05:23
5.Burning Torch 04:19
6.Watch Me Flying 05:02
7.Never Confessed 04:54
8.Refused 04:11

Band Members:

Tim: Guitar
Sven: Guitar/Vox
Bert: Bass
Mike: Drums


Blood Diamond’s second album – Saviours – owes a huge debt of gratitude to the earlier heavier sounds of Baroness and Mastodon. As the album visits the similar kind of sounds those two bands made their names with. It’s kind of refreshing and exciting to hear after all these years. Sure there have been countless other bands that have released similar sounding albums over the years but Blood Diamond are perhaps the first band to try and do something new with that sound.

Saviours feels like the natural successor to Mastodon’s landmark album – Leviathan and that’s no bad thing. You know what to expect. Fast paced and heavy precise progressive sludge metal riffs with the band showing a flair for psychedelic stoner metal grooves from time to time.

Opening track Insanity Grows opens the album with a track that holds your attention throughout with razor sharp guitars and the familiar style of clean/grizzled growls from lead vocalist Sven. It starts with a superb haunting ambient noise before the guitars come crashing in. Insanity Grows is one of the albums standout tracks on the album and it’s a wise decision to open the album with this track. As it shows you what’s in store for you over the next eight tracks.

Second track – The Heckler – is pure Mastodon riff-loving worship but Blood Diamond still create their own moments of psychedelic sludge madness with perfectly played riffs that move from slower paced moments to the more manic faster and heavier noises.

Third track – Your Pointless Gods – has a more classic progressive feel compared to the other tracks on the album. The drumming is a major highlight of this track with spiky lyrics making this another great tune to check out. The riffs and vocals both battle for their attention in the spotlight. The production sounds super-fresh as Blood Diamond start to create their own identity.

Fourth Track – Seed and Stones – captures early-era Baroness with a more stoner based vibe and it’s a song built upon a simple premise but delivered with the band’s own verve and style. The psychedelic guitar solos add an extra touch of class that will have you head-banging in total agreement.

So four songs into the album and you will now have a total feel on how the album will play out for the remaining four songs. As the mood and overall atmosphere of the album remains the same. Blood Diamond perhaps create the most exciting moments on the second half of the album. The album becomes heavier with Blood Diamond opting for a more faster and progressive style of music especially on tracks: Burning Torch, Never Confessed and Refused.

If you miss the days before Baroness/Mastodon went a little bit too commercial then Blood Diamond perfectly bridges the gap between the earlier years of the Progressive Sludge Metal sounds and today’s modern Stoner Metal grooves. Saviours is a fantastic sounding album and is one that will entertain the hell out of you over and over again.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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