Thursday 24 September 2015

Disenchanter - Strange Creations (Album Review)

Release date: Septermber 19th 2015. Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Strange Creations – Tracklisting

1. 792 07:36
2.On Strength of Steel 04:17
3.Strange Creations 06:23
4.Green Queen 06:39
5.Sorceries 10:54
6.A Thousand Times 07:33
7.Snakes of the Earth 12:07

Band Members:

Sabine Stangenberg - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Joey DeMartini - Bass
Jay Erbe - Drums


Psych Doom Rockers - Disenchanter return with their new album – Strange Creations. A psychedelic and almost magical road-trip that shows Disenchanter has lost none of their passion or magic from their earlier releases. Opening track – 792 – opens with an extended doom and gloom guitars for the first 90 seconds or so before Sabine makes an appearance with deftly sung vocals. Fans of Uncle Acid and Windhand will no doubt experience a few thrills of excitement from this song as Disenchanter play Occult Rock style Doomy riffs with a twinge of NWOBHM theatrics.

Second track – On Strength Of Steel – is more of a classic hard-rock style song with Disenchanter playing a highly effective and simple riff that has plenty of groove and melody to it. The Doom/Stoner Metal riffs are there in the background with Sabine’s soulful and dominant vocals making you feel that she’s ready for a battle of some sort. The instrumental work is first-rate as Disenchanter creates stunning psych based riffs that gives all the members (Jay – Drums, Joey – Bass and Sabine on Guitar/Vox) a chance to shine and show the world what they can do.

Third track – Strange Creations – is perhaps the stand-out track on the album with Disenchanter opting for a more stripped down approach especially with the delivery of the riffs and Sabine’s laid-back vocals. It works wonders for the band as the atmosphere becomes more emotionally involving with Disenchanter become more adventurous with their music. Adding a blues rock vibe is a brave decision and one that pays off as the band create the albums more exciting moments. This is a song that will have you banging your head and tapping your foot in unison as it shows what Disenchanter is all about.

Fourth track – Green Queen – sees the band create a more soulful kind of Doom/Stoner Metal with Sabine excelling on guitar/vox duties once more. The sound can be quite fuzzy at times as the guitars transport you front and centre where the action is happening. Joey and Jay play their part in creating a heavy and action packed ride that will delight fans of the legendary 70s Stoner/Doom Metal sound.

Fifth track – Sorceries – is an 11 minute epic where Disenchanter perhaps offer their most progressive song to date as it sees the band venture into doomier realms than we’re used to. Sabine takes on the role as queen of the underworld as she fully embraces the Occult Rock world. The riffs are bewitching as ever. Jay and Joey create heavy pounding rhythms for Sabine to weave her doomy magic on. Shades of Prog Rock appear along side the Doom/Stoner Metal atmospherics though the band could of shortened the song by a couple of minutes or so. It’s a fantastic sounding song but some parts don’t gel together as they should especially towards the end.

The albums final two songs – A Thousand Times and Snakes Of The Earth offer almost 21 minutes of intense psychedelic doom/stoner metal madness with Disenchanter remaining in the world of Progressive Rock. Sabine’s vocals on A Thousand Times have an almost folk-rock feel and it’s great to see a new side to Sabine’s vocals. The song can be very slow-paced at times but Disenchanter do unleash some of the albums heaviest moments on this song.

Snakes Of The Earth – is a 12 minute epic where the band offers one final tale of psych doom/stoner metal madness. Jay and Joey get the chance to be the main focus here by providing a constant threat on drums and bass respectively. Sabine does her fair share by creating creepy psych based riffs and delicate blues & folk-rock vocals to match. Another standout track on the album as Strange Creations comes to a close.

Disenchanter has created a truly passionate and heartfelt album with Strange Creations. The album offers a dark and brooding experience that you will find very hard to resist. An incredible album.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Disenchanter for the promo. Strange Creations is now available to buy on Digital Download from BandCamp.