Tuesday 15 September 2015

Drive By Wire - The Whole Shebang (Album Review)

Release date: January 12th 2015. Label: Konkurrent. Formats: CD/DD

The Whole Shebang: Tracklisting

1 Kerosine Dreams 4:03
2 Woodlands 4:17
3 The Whole Shebang 3:35
4 Five Ft. High 3:14
5 Rituals 4:56
6 In This Moment 2:52
7 River Run 2:41
8 Promised the Night 4:23
9 Rotor Motor 4:03
10 All Around 2:51
11 Voodoo You Do 4:39

Band Members:

Simone Holsbeek
Alwin Wubben
Jerome Miedendorp de Bie
Marcel Zerb
Rene Rutten


Psych Stoner Rockers – Drive By Wire – may not offer the most original sounds on their new album – The Whole Shebang– but it’s still an exciting listen from start to finish. The hazy vocals of Simone and the fast-paced fuzz-laiden Desert/Stoner Rock grooves have an addictive quality to them.

Opening track – Kerosine Dreams – is a bluesy number with the band creating an intriguing sound that encompasses Hard Rock, Blues, Desert, Psych and Stoner that will no doubt appeal to fans of Kyuss and Fu Manchu. The instrumental work is where Drive By Wire excels at with the band creating an almost angry sound especially with Simone’s heartfelt vocals. Though I know most people will be here for the riffs and this song is full of them.

Second track – Woodlands – sees the band offering an angrier vision. You can hear shades of The Cult classic – She Sells Sanctuary here for the first minute or so. It’s an interesting sound that Drive By Wire deserves credit for as it’s an intriguing mixture of Stoner Rock vibes mixed with a hard-rock angle. Woodlands can be very trippy at times especially with Simone’s vocals as Simone adds an aura of mystery around her vocals.

Third track – The Whole Shebang – now sees the band inject some much needed 70s Classic Hard Rock sounds into the mix. It’s one of the albums more exciting and perhaps original songs the band has written here. This is the song that perfectly sums up Drive By Wire. It’s a bluesy-psychedelic-desert-stoner-rock packed number with the band having fun with their music.

Fourth track – Five ft High – is another soulful blues-laiden entry with Simone’s vocals being the main attraction. Sure the music is good as always but it’s the vocals that keep you interested. As it’s a winning combination of bluesy pitch perfect vocals and a storming desert/stoner rock party-like atmosphere.

It’s going to be hard to offer a track-by-track review as The Whole Shebang has 11 tracks for you to listen to. Drive By Wire have written some fantastic songs here. Especially on the QOTSA inspired – Rituals – which is another fantastic track when the band ventures into heavier psychedelic waters.

Later tracks such as River Run, Rotor Motor and Voodoo You Do sees the band offer heavier riffs where the potent mix of Blues, Psych, Stoner and Hard Rock are never too far way. The production is one of the albums strengths as it sounds superb through-out. You can feel every rhythm and note being played and the vocals make you feel you’re in the front row seeing Drive By Wire in action.

Drive By Wire should be proud of this album as The Whole Shebang has a lot to offer to both the more casual and serious Stoner Rock fan. It’s an exciting and superb well rounded album. Check it out. Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Drive By Wire for the promo.

Words by Steve Howe