Thursday 10 September 2015

Lowburn - Doomsayer (Album Review)


Release date: October 12th 2015. Label: Argonauta Records . Formats: CD/DD

Doomsayer: Tracklisting

1.The Last One
2.Soaring High
3.Do Mi Ti
6.Running On Fumes
7.Moonful of Stars

Band Members:

Henkka Vahvanen - drums
Miika Kokkola - bass,
Tomi Mykkänen - guitar and vocals,
Tommi Lintunen – guitar


Lowburn's anticipated debut album – Doomsayer – is finally upon us. After releasing a couple of well received EP’s the main event is now here. So what do you get? Well if you dig Red Fang, High On Fire Kyuss and Monster Magnet then you’ll be in Doom/Stoner Metal Heaven. The fantastic artwork by David Paul Seymour (whose designed covers for Vintage Caravan and Wo Fat) instantly draws you in. It’s a great indication on what to expect on the album as Lowburn expertly create spacey, trippy Doom/Stoner Metal demonic based FUZZ.

Opening track – The Last One – is a Psych Stoner/Space/Fuzz Rock hybrid with the band creating fast paced riffs matched against a backdrop of ambient space rock vibes. It’s a perfect indication of how the rest of the album plays out. An exciting and action packed ride with Lowburn giving Monster Magnet (Tab Era) a run for their money especially during the middle of the song. Though it’s the frenzied and out of control faster riffs that make Lowburn such a great band in their own right.

Second track – Soaring High – opens with 90s style Grunge/Stoner Metal amplifier worship. The vocals add a sense of unease at times with lead vocalist – Tomi – showing his impressive vocal range. I can detect a slight Dave Wyndorf influence especially when Tomi shouts at the top of his voice as it feels that Dave himself is singing on this track and I mean that as a compliment. The music ventures into harsher Doom Metal realms towards the end as the band create some of the albums more exciting moments.

Third track – Do Mi Ti – is one of the albums epic tracks clocking in at 7 mins or so. Lowburn drift into Prog Rock mode with hints of Space/Stoner Rock playing in the background. It has a slight 70s sounding vibe with the guitars drifting in and out with the vocals being the main focus of the first half of the song. The second half of the song sees Lowburn bring a heavier presence with the guitars offering a thundering experience. This is my favourite song on the album as it’s trippy as heck which makes for a fantastic sounding experience.

Fourth track – Unreachable – offers a more direct Doomier Metal song with Lowburn leaving the Space Rock theatrics behind and even though it doesn’t break any new ground, this is still top-notch entertainment. The band creates one of the albums heaviest tracks. The song offers violent energy with quite a sombre atmosphere towards the end of the song.

Up next is the title track – Doomsayer – and once again, Lowburn don’t disappoint as they get straight down to business with an angry psychedelic number drenched in violent Doom/Stoner Metal riffs. The drumming is quite impressive adding a more out of control and frenzied approach. The vocals are loud through out though Tomi’s vocals get the better of him at times and he loses control from time to time. That doesn’t stop this being another fantastic song for Lowburn to have at their disposal.

Sixth track – Running On Fumes – maybe the shortest track on the album running for less than 3 minutes but it’s a dirty punk based bluesy Stoner Metal offering that I would like to see the band do more on future releases. It has quite a direct approach which fans of Motorhead will get a kick out of.

Seventh track – Moonful Of Stars – is where the FUZZ makes a welcome return with the band opting for a more stripped back feel especially on the guitars. As the riffs have a more down-tuned feel compared to the other songs. Though with this being Lowburn it’s still undeniably loud, fast and heavy.

The final track – Powefreak – is the perfect way to end the album with. Taking everything that has come before it and unleashing one final psychedelic sonic blast of manic riffs. Ambient noises come and go once more with Lowburn returning to the spacier riffs from the earlier moments of the album. It’s another one of the albums standout tracks. It’s a great way to end the album with as Lowburn leave you fully satisfied and hugely impressed in what you’ve just listened to.

Doomsayer is an album that a lot of people have been waiting for and Lowburn have delivered on all counts. Doomsayer is one of the year’s most exciting Stoner Metal albums. Miss this and miss out. It’s as simple as that!

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Gero at Argonauta Records and Barbara at Nee Cee Agency for the promo. Doomsayer will be available to buy on CD/DD from October 12th 2015 via Argonauta Records.