Monday 7 September 2015

Prophets Of Saturn - Retronauts (Album Review)

Release date: July 17th 2015. Label: Hevisike Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl 

Retronauts: Tracklisting 

1.Retronaut 08:38
2.The Ultra Wizards (Of Neptune 9) 06:58
3.Witchrider 03:09
4.Damāvand 16:33

Band Members: 

Ben - Guitars
Max - Bass
Duncan - Drums
George - Vocals


Prophets Of Saturn 2nd full length album – Retronauts – has been out for a few weeks and it’s only now that I’m doing my review for it. Newly signed to HeviSike Records, the vintage sounding doomy rockers have created an album packed full of 70s style Doom Metal riffs with a modern Stoner Rock flavour. Fans of Uncle Acid and Black Sabbath will find much to enjoy here as Prophets Of Saturn create a familiar style of Doom based riffs. Though that’s not to say Prophets Of Saturn don’t bring their own style of Doom based Hard Rock to the party. As they do!!!

Opening track – Retronaut – is a classic sounding doom based number with hazy stoner-ish guitars and the 70s sounding vocals breathe life into this slightly claustrophobic album. Prophets Of Saturn are one of the new of breed UK Doom Metal bands starting to make a name for themselves and it’s not hard to see why. This song maybe straight-forward within the realm of Doom but there’s a few hidden surprises especially when the band plays epic guitar solos. The atmosphere crackles and hisses at you which give the album another cool sounding vintage feel.

Second track – Ultra Wizards – continues with the 70s sounding vibe with seedy doomy guitars and intriguing vocals. It’s not as strong as the opening track but it contains some impressive riffs and it more than delivers the goods. The vocals are buried under a layer of distorted violent fuzz though they’re easy to understand. Lead vocalist – George – delivers a vocal performance that’s reminiscent of Ozzy and Wino from his early Saint Vitus days. The music drifts from fast-paced doom/stoner metal riffs to a slower down-tempo affair.

Third track – Witch Rider – is the shortest song on the album clocking in at 3:15 mins in length. This gives the band an opportunity to play a faster style of Doom/Stoner Metal to excite you with. The fuzz crackles with excitement and danger as the riffs are played at fast and furious pace. The vocals seem less volatile compared to the other two songs as Prophets of Saturn create one of the albums standout tracks.

Up next is where Prophets of Saturn prove once and for all their Doom Metal Creditenials with the epic 17 minute progressive doom and gloom rhythms of Damāvand. Damāvand is the standout track here as it ventures from Progressive Rock, Doom Metal, Stoner Metal and Psych Rock. The drumming is intense through out. Drummer Duncan deserves praise here as he provides an exciting experience here. The layered vocals are another nice touch as it adds to the gloomy atmosphere.

Retronauts is the sound of a band still trying to create there own sound. The production is very good indeed but there are times the sound could have used more OOMPH into the final mix. I feel we haven’t seen the “real” Prophets of Saturn as I’m expecting these guys to turn some heads with their next album. The signs are there on Retronauts that something special is coming from Prophets Of Saturn. We may have to wait longer for that moment to arrive. However, until then check out Retronauts as it’s a superb album.

Thanks to Richard at Sheltered Life PR for the promo. Retronauts is available to buy on DD/CD from Prophets Of Saturn BandCamp Page. You can buy the Vinyl from Hevisike Records now. 

Words by Steve Howe 


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