Saturday 19 September 2015

SardoniS - III (Album Review)

Release date: September 11th 2015. Label: Consouling Sounds. Formats: DD/Vinyl

III - Tracklisting

1.The Coming of Khan 06:38
2.Battering-Ram 05:58
3.Roaming the Valley 07:20
4.Ruined/Decay 06:58
5.Forward to the Abyss 11:46

Band Members:

Guitars: Roel Paulussen
Drums; Jelle Stevens


Belgian Instrumental Sludge Powerhouse – SardoniS – returns from a 3 year slumber with their new album – ‘III’. Their style of Instrumental Sludge Metal hasn’t changed much since their last album – ‘II’. Though it is slightly heavier and possibly more chaotic. Why change a good thing. SardoniS are classed as one of the heaviest instrumental sludge metal bands around. It’s good to see they still live upto that reputation as ‘III’ is packed with heavy progressive stylish riffs.

Opening track – The Coming Of Khan – opens with an ice-cold psych down-tempo riff before SardoniS start adding layers of noise and volume to the mix. It’s a slow start but when the heavy music kicks in then all hell breaks loose. You begin to hear the familiar SardoniS sound where power and precision is everything to this band. The fast-paced down-tuned guitar matched against the ferocious drumming makes you feel the full force of The Coming Of Khan. High On Fire style atmospherics and heavy guitars make this a winning start and mighty return from SardoniS.

Second track – Battering Ram – aptly named as SardoniS come at you with the full force of a battering ram. It’s a constantly loud affair with the drums being the main highlight. The guitars add a more slow-paced atmosphere though with this being SardoniS it’s a menacing approach that brings the song to its natural conclusion.

Third track – Roaming The Valley – echoes CONAN doomy based guitars with a sludgier High On Fire outlook and it makes up for one of the albums standout tracks. It’s perhaps the most the down-tempo song on the album as it does take a while for the song to speed up and that’s a good thing as you can sit back and be impressed with SardoniS instrumental work Wait until 3 mins in and SardoniS speed things up dramatically. Their sound becomes a sonic weapon of mass destruction as it feels this is a much bigger band than the two people actually playing on the album.

Fourth track – Ruined Decay – opt for a fuzzier and psychedelic approach with the riffs being played once again at a fast pace though SardoniS add a more doom and gloom approach to their sound. The mini-battle developing between Roel (Guitars) and Jelle (Drums) convincing and heartfelt as ever. As these guys play out of their skins on this track. Another superb track from the album.

Finally is the fifth track – Forward To The Abyss – and one that runs for around 12 mins or so. It’s a song that has quite a sad, mean and moody atmosphere. Almost Post-Metal style theatrics. Though with this being SardoniS you know what to expect by now. It’s SardoniS on full battle mode and nowhere is safe. The riffs are sharp, brutal and precise. It has traces of Psych Doom Metal running through out this song and it gives SardoniS the chance to write perhaps one of the most emotional songs of their career so far. With this being SardoniS a brutal riff is never too far away. The last few moments offer a sense of reflection and SardoniS wisely decide to end the song the way it started. Slow, moody and majestic.

III’ may sound simplistic to some but it’s a complex and highly progressive listen. As SardoniS may have created their finest work to date. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Consouling Sounds and Viral Propaganda PR for the promo. ‘III’ is now available to buy on DD/Vinyl from Consouling Sounds and BandCamp now.