Sunday 15 November 2015

Extreme Noise Terror - Extreme Noise Terror (Album Review)

Release date: November 05th 2015. Label: Willowtip. Format: CD/DD

Extreme Noise Terror – S/T – Tracklisting

1. Punk Rock Patrol
2. Dogma, Intolerance, Control
3. No One Is Innocent
4. I Like Coca (Outo “I Like Cola”)
5. Think Outside The Box
6. Chained & Crazed
7. An Endless Cycle Of Misery
8. Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing
9. Cash And Trash
10. Cruel And Unusual Punishment
11. Last Fix Of Fame
12. Cage Paralysis
13. Only In It For The Music Pt. 27 (Black Putrefaction)

Band Members:

Dean - Vocals, Ben - Vocals, Ollie - Guitar, Andi - Bass


As one of the most influential UK punk/hardcore/grind bands that there has ever been, second only to the mighty Discharge in terms of the sheer number of bands that they have influenced I would say, it is refreshing to hear that the legendary Extreme Noise Terror are back with their first new album in six years and even more refreshing to hear that the bands brand of the obnoxious mix of hardcore punk and grindcore is still as fast, loud and nasty as it has ever been.

It is also refreshing to hear that vocalist Dean Jones sounds as good as ever, angrier, hungrier and more vital to be exact and with Jones and new co-vocalist Ben McCrow (formerly of Gorerotted and then the Rotted) barking out this new set of grind anthems that is as raw and intense as anything from the bands heyday, it will bring a smile to the face and a ringing in the ears of any punk/grind fiend.

Extreme Noise a Terror don't fuck about on this self titled album and straight from the start on the opening detonation of Punk Rock Patrol, the band are on all out attack mode and this relentless attack doesn't stop until the last bit of feedback on closing track Only In It For The Music, Pt 27 (Black Putrefaction) has subsided.

The likes of An Endless Cycle Of Misery, Sheep In Wolves Clothing, Last Fix Of Fame and Dogma, Intolerance, Control are all classic Extreme Noise Terror with Jones on fine form, sounding unhinged and with more energy than a man half his age and is aided brilliantly by McCrow, both vocalists barking out the lyrics with intense aplomb and the furious hardcore holocaust of the rest of the band backs the vocalists up in gloriously intense style.

With this album Extreme Noise Terror have made an album that sees the band at the top of their game with a set of raw hardcore punk anthems that shows that the bands music is still as relevant as when they first started 30 years ago and the fact that their message is still the same as when they first started is admirable and the fact there are still so many problems in this country nowadays as there were when ENT started, it's good to have them back and kicking against the pricks that run the country in their own defiant style.

Words by Gavin Brown

Thanks to Earsplit PR for the promo. Extreme Noise Terror is available to buy now on CD/DD from Willowtip.