Sunday 15 November 2015

WAINGRO - Mt Hood (Album Review)

Release date: November 13th 2015. Label: Self Released. Format: DD/Vinyl

Mt Hood – Tracklisting

1.DESERT SON 05:12
2.REDWOODS 02:41
3.PALO VERDE 03:00
4.RALEIGH 01:41
5.MT HOOD 07:09
7.NOMAD 03:18
8.FRONTERA 01:28
10.VAN SANT 03:31
11.ORION 02:56

Band Members:

Brian Sepanzyk – Guitar/Vox
Nate Pennell – Bass
Benjie Nesdoly – Drums


Canadian Sludge/Stoner/Punk Upstarts – WAINGRO – have released a new album called, Mt Hood. Almost 12 months after releasing their acclaimed S/T debut album. WAINGRO provide a heavy onslaught of fast-paced Punk driven Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs. Fans of Fuzz Rock/Hard Rock will find much to enjoy here as WAINGRO don’t disappoint on that front either.

Opening track – Desert Son – is crackling with highly addictive Fuzz Rock with a heavy punk based vocals to match. WAINGRO create some exciting noise that fans of Every Time I Die and Cancer Bats will appreciate. WAINGRO play some stunning riffs near the end of the song before the screeching vocals takes the mood to another level of heaviness.

Second track – Red Woods – opens with a fast-paced thrash/punk riff with Brian’s hardcore snarling vocals being sung almost fast as the music itself. The fuzz based Stoner riffs have a distinctive Psych Rock quality which sees WAINGRO try something different with their sound. It’s still a mean, loud and angry track with WAINGRO proving they have something special about them.

Third track – Pablo Verde – carries on the fast-paced Punk/Sludge/Stoner Riffs with Brian on fine form once more. Nothing much changes from the opening two tracks but Pablo Verde is still an addictive slice of loud, heavy and distorted Stoner Rock.

Fourth Track – Raleigh – is a psychedelic instrumental affair with WAINGRO giving Brian’s vocals a well deserved rest as they play one of the albums standout tracks. A heavy psychedelic riff-fest with the Hardcore Punk vibe nowhere to be seen. It’s a shame this track is over within 2 mins as I would love to hear an extended version of this song. It’s a bass heavy affair with the fuzz-laiden guitars adding something different to the album. Maybe next time guys…

Fifth track – Mt Hood – is another one of the albums standout tracks. A 7 minute plus epic with the band opting for a heavier stripped back approach. The guitars are played at a slow pace as the mood becomes slightly brooding and gloomier as a result. Brian’s vocals undergo a Thrashier/Doomier makeover as WAINGRO unleash the albums heaviest tracks. It’s deliberately slow-paced and that allows the band to create a more menacing approach to their music. This is Stoner Rock with a demonic edge.

Sixth Track – Black Eagle sees WAINGRO return to the albums earlier sounds as they blast their way through 95 seconds of intense Stoner Rock fury.

I think you get the idea on how the rest of the album plays out. Loud and heavy Sludge/Stoner riffs with the band on fine form through-out. Other great tracks to check out: Nomad, Frontera and the blistering final song – Orion. The more I listen to this album, the more I appreciate it more and more as WAINGRO have created an album that’s miles ahead of their debut album and one that will only enhance their reputation as one of Canada’s best upcoming Stoner Rock/Metal bands.

Words by Steve Howe