Monday 2 November 2015

Satan's Satyrs - Don't Deliver Us (Album Review)

Release date: 30th October 2015. Label: Bad Omen Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Don't Deliver Us – Tracklisting

1. Full Moon and Empty Veins
2. Two Hands
3. (Won’t You Be My) Gravedancer
4. Spooky Nuisance
5. Germanium Bomb
6. Creepy Teens
7. Crimes and Blood
8. You-Know-Who
9. ‘Round the Bend -

Band Members:

Clayton Burgess: Bass, Vocals
Jarrett Nettnin: Guitar
Stephen Fairfield: Drum


With their wild and trashy tales of bikers, the occult, senseless violence and the sordid and undeniably fun things in life over classic riffs, solos and a solid, dirty and heavy groove, Satan's Satyrs are a fuzz drenched tour de force and the band blast back with their latest offering Don't Deliver Us.

Satan's Satyrs open their latest hard rocking opus with the superbly titled Full Moon And Empty Veins, a hard rocking anthem reminiscent of an in their prime Stooges and this sets the scene for an adrenaline fuelled ride to a dark, depraved and altogether thrilling place. The band don't let up the pace from this bombastic beginning with the likes of the Sabbath on speed of Two Hands, (Won't You Be My) Gravedancer which has a slower and more doomy feel but retains the feedback and distortion that the band are known for, just check out the bass on it and the groovy Spooky Nuisance (complete with more supremely fuzzy bass) which both evoke the spirit of their heroes Blue Cheer and the sheer 70s decadence that the decade was infamously known for.

Elsewhere, the full on sleazy blast of Geranium Bomb, the catchy Crimes And Blood and proto rock/glam stomp of Creepy Teens are all highlights on a no holds barred record that doesn't let up all the way through it and Don't Deliver Us ends on a high with the full on You Know Who (check out the mind bending jams and solos on that one!) and the epic riff fuelled beast of a track that is Round The Bend.

As with their previous three albums, Don't Deliver Us is a no holds barred look into the minds of riff crazed maniacs who truly embody the spirit of free minded rock n roll. A treat for the ears and the mind from start to finish.

Words by Gavin Brown

Thanks to Bad Omen Records and Carl at Action PR for the promo. Don't Deliver Us is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from Bad Omen Records now.