Thursday 19 November 2015

Tuna de Tierra - EPisode I: Pilot (EP Review)

Release date: June 12th 2015. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

EPisode I: Pilot – Tracklisting

1.Red Sun 08:25
2.Ash 07:27
3.El Paso de la Tortuga 04:07

Band Members:

Alessio De Cicco: guitar, vox
Luciano Mirra: bass guitar
Jonathan Maurano: drums


Seems I'm a bit late to the party with Tuna de Tierra's debut EP – Episode I: Pilot – A Psychedelic Stoner Rock band from Italy. The EP opens with the deliberately slow-paced track – Red Sun – which has an almost ambient Post-Rock feel to it for the first few moments or so before the band unleash they heavy desert rock/stoner rock riffs. You can feel the intensity and heat of the hot desert sun from this song as the band play a cool progressive style of music.

The vocals drift from eerie psychedelic tones to a more laid-back desert rock groove. Tuna de Tierra do unleash some heavy riffs at different parts of the EP but it's the opening song where they impress the most. Though I can see why people are saying 2nd track – Ash – is their favourite song as it's another stunning song to get your teeth stuck into. Fans of Kyuss and Truckfighters will find much to enjoy here.

It would have been good if the band included a couple of more tracks on the EP as 20 minutes is not enough a band such as Tuna de Tierra. They have a ton of great ideas that they don't have enough time to fully explore them all. I dig the Post-Rock vibes as it gives their music an atmospheric vibe that instantly holds your attention.

I hope for their next release they release something more substantial but until then this EP is an excellent addition for your Psych/Stoner Rock record collection.

Words by Steve Howe