Sunday 15 November 2015

HOUND - Out Of Space (Album Review)


Release date: November 27th 2015. Label: SRA Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Out Of Space – Tracklisting

Emotional Collapse
Mortality Jam
Walkin' the Fine Line
Cold Blooded
Super Junkie of Being
Stone Carvin' Man
Walking Curse
Over the Edge

Band Members:

Perry Shall/Chris Wilson/Colin McGinniss


Philadelphia’s HOUND released their excellent debut album – Out Of Time – back in 2014. It’s mix of swirling doomy psychedelic riffs matched against classic Hard Rock vibes made these guys a band to look out for. HOUND are back with their new album and it’s perhaps a natural follow-up called – Out Of Space.

Guitarist/Vocalist – Perry Shall – describes the album as “If Motorhead’s Stiff Records era songs were written by someone who was stuck living in Philadelphia their whole life. The record channels hard rock influences by the ideas of time and space. Space being Philadelphia.”

Don’t worry; this isn’t a progressive rock style opera. This is an album that harnesses the anger and thrust of Motorhead with a hint of modern-day Hard Rock/Stoner Rock bands such as Kadavar and Mos Generator. If that doesn’t get your motor running nothing will.

Opening track – Emotional Collapse – is pure Hard Rock grooves with a groovy sideline in Stoner/Garage Punk sounds with Perry impressing on vocal duties. Sure the music can be very retro at times but that’s a good thing as HOUND are very confident and assured in their musical abilities. It has a cool psych blues rock vibe running through out the song. It can be disjointed at times but it don’t distract you from enjoying this song.

Second track – Mortality Jam – is a fuzzy retro stoner song which gets straight down to business of laying on the fast-paced riffs. It’s a very bluesy affair especially with the vocals. It’s good that HOUND have managed to create an intriguing story despite the short running time.

Third track – Walkin’ The Fine Line – sees HOUND unleash some of the albums loudest riffs as the tone becomes heavier and merged with a 70s Classic Hard Rock sound. The garage rock influence is matched with once more with a Doom/Stoner Rock tone and it becomes one of the albums standout tracks.

Fourth track – Intro – OK, strange song title for the 4th song on the album. Anyway, this is where HOUND prove their Hard Rock/Stoner Rock credentials as they offer another damn fine heavy doom blues laiden track that has some menacing touches to it. Even bordering on Occult Rock at times especially with the spooky organ playing in the background. A welcome distraction from the other songs on the album.

Fifth track – Cold Blooded – sees HOUND carry on the Doom/Occult/Garage rock feel from the previous track but now with Perry adding his superb vocals, for a song that’s part Motorhead and New York Dolls marching down the Doom/Occult Rock musical highway.

The final four songs carries on with HOUND’s twisted doomy surreal take of Garage, Hard Rock, Psych and everything else that falls in between. Notable mentions should goto Stone Carvin’ Man, Walking Curse and the excellent final song – Over The Edge.

Truth be told I wasn’t expecting much from this album as I was expecting Out Of Time Part II. To the bands credit, they’ve released a stunning follow-up that’s an exciting take on all things Hard Rock. Out Of Space is one hell of a record. Check this out now. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Carl at Action PR for the promo. Out Of Space will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via SRA Records from November 27th 2015.