Saturday 25 February 2017

Sótano - El Rey Máquina (Album Review)

Release date: January 03rd 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

El Rey Máquina – Tracklisting

1.Mal Nacido 06:06
2.Perro 03:49
3.Mentraldiablo 03:11
4.Piedra Negra 05:13
5.Corre 06:04
6.Mascando Cortezas 02:18
7.Rey Máquina 04:25
8.Solo a Golpes 04:01

Band Members

Ivan Villanueva - Guitar & Vocals
Víctor Silva - Bass & Vocals
Alejandro Sanhueza - Drums


Sótano new album - El Rey Máquina – doesn't offer anything new in the way of Stoner Metal but what does these days. However they have created an exciting and hard-rocking album that shows these guys have a lot of potential if they release more albums of this quality.

El Rey Máquina is primarily a Hard Rock/Stoner Metal album with the vocals sung in Spanish. Don't let that put you off as you will miss out on some fantastic Desert/Fuzz Rock inspired Stoner Metal. Songs such as Mal Nicado, Perro, Piedra Negra and Corre set the tone for the album with Sótano inspired by bands such as Kyuss, Orange Goblin and even some old-school Hard Rock/Heavy Metal bands.

The production is good for the most part but there are some moments where the volume could be that little higher. It shouldn't distract you from the enjoyment of the album. The vocals are fantastic as Ivan and Victor take turns impressing throughout. El Rey Máquina is good old-fashioned Stoner Metal where the riffs come thick and fast. Sótano are highly impressive musicians as they do create some cool riffs that will have you head-banging in agreement.

The South American Stoner Rock/Metal Scene is going through a major change at the moment as more and more bands are starting to reach out to the global Doom/Stoner Metal community. Sótano is another great band to come from the South American scene and if more albums such as El Rey Máquina appear then this is only a good thing. As we will be treated to more superb albums such as this.

Words by Steve Howe


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