Tuesday 28 February 2017

KALAMATA - Disruption (Album Review)

Release date: March 1st 2017 - CD & Digital / April 7th 2017 - Vinyl. Label: Tonzonen Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Disruption – Tracklisting


Band Members

Peter Jaun (git.)
Maik Blümke (bass)
Olly Opitz (dr.)


Greetings all,

This time around I am checking out the new album from German, Instrumental doom trio Kalamata. The band plays a solid, fuzzy stoner rock with a nice dose of Psychedelia and Space rock thrown in. Disruption is the band's second record. It is a killer release in the vein of Karma to Burn style Stoner Rock, however Kalamata shows the musical chops to bounce between genres without batting an eye. The six songs presented here are fuzzed out psychedelic trip down a long dark road to somewhere...

The first song MY has a nice fuzzy intro that leads into some nice, big riffs that closes out with an ending full of big, big drums. ERECTION is the second track. It is much slower and leads into a big build.

SHOWS starts off with a solid bass intro before hitting a nice fuzzy groove that is chock full of echo. ME is a spaced out track that sounds as if it is a lost signal from some deep, dark unidentified planet. THE kicks off with a meaty (dare I say Grungy) riff that falls into a trippy psychedelic breakdown before coming back in over a super solid bass riff.

The closer DIRECTION is a slow burner that creeps around before hitting a groove with a swinging jazzy outro.

If you dig instrumental stoner rock at all, you should most definitely check out Kalamata. You will not be disappointed. Disruption is a solid effort that is worth repeated spins.

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Words by Todd Stealey

Thanks to Kalamata for the promo. Disruption will be available to buy via Tonzonen Records on CD/DD from March 01st 2017. Vinyl will be released from April 7th 2017.


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