Saturday 25 February 2017

My Sleeping Karma - Mela Ananda - Live (Album Review)

Release date: February 24th 2017. Label: Napalm Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Mela Ananda - Live – Tracklisting

1. Prithvi
2. 23 Enigma
3. Glow11
4. Ephedra
5. Vayu
6. Akasha
7. Brahama
8. Psilocybe
9. Tamas
10. Hymn72


My Sleeping Karma have always had a special place deep in my heart.

Perhaps for that kind of mysticism that their name recalls. Most probably for the sensations that their music conveys, which manage to transcend the ‘self’ to new dimensions. While reviewing their first live album, Mela Ananda (Napalm Records), I forced myself to listen it strictly through headphones and with eyes closed, travelling with the mind to those feelings that their last concert I saw (Desertfest in Berlin) sent to me.

My Sleeping Karma embody my personal vision of music, made up of technical, mysticism and psychedelia. A music that transcends and goes beyond the traditional rules. Over the years, the quartet of Aschaffenburg has created something beyond a simple musical path, gone further, creating something in their music that is hard to explain. In this live album, My Sleeping Karma run through the stages of their personal artistic, musical and (I think) spiritual development, recreating the same mood heard in the studio records.

All songs are played perfectly and with a perfect sound. The rhythm section of Matte (bass) and Steffen (drums) are literally hypnotic, able to attract the attention of the listener, which is captured by the mantra given off by the songs. The guitar of Seppi expands the rhythm section, by simply creating a unique atmosphere, where the keyboards of Norman round out the mystical work.
What to say. A live album should have, at a minimum, the power to transmit the same (or better) feelings you have in listening to the individual albums.

Here, we go further. This live album is a pure mystical experience. If you like My Sleeping Karma. If you've seen them live. If you love long and complex suites. If, in music, you love that karmic feeling that elevates you to other dimensions. If listening to a song makes you moisten the eyes and skin crawl, well, you should not miss out this album.

This album could be your starting or destination point to enter My Sleeping Karma dimension.

Sat Nam.

Words by Bruno Bellisario

Thanks to Mona at Napalm Records for the promo. Mela Ananda - Live is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl from Napalm Records.