Saturday 11 February 2017

Stone Machine Electric - Vivere (Album Review)

Release date: January 27th 2017. Label: Off The Record. Format: CD/DD

Vivere – Tracklisting

1.I Am Fire 07:00
2."mindless meanderings" 02:54
3.Dreaming 10:28
4."invented passages" 02:41
5.PorR 13:26
6.I Am Fire (Slightly Burned) 04:01

Band Members

Dub - Guitar/Vocals
Kitchens - Drums/Vocals/Theremin


Stone Machine Electric have been playing their blend of Psych Doom/Stoner Rock since 2009 and within that time they have released quite a few records since then. Their new album is a live album recorded on June 3rd 2016. Vivere is a very loud affair with the band playing a selection of their finest songs live on stage.

Stone Machine Electric aren't your usual Doom/Stoner Rock band as the guys include a wide range of different noises and sounds into their music. Their music has a jam based experimental feel though the band know how to play some mean riffs. Vivere is a very good live album indeed with songs such as I Am Fire, Dreaming and PorR being the main highlights. As the band impress with epic psych based jams merged with loud riffs and vocals to match.

The album itself sounds good for a live album and that's probably down to the people who mixed and mastered the album. Wo Fat's Kent Stump mixed the album and Ryan Lee mastered the album. Both of whom know a thing or two on how a record should sound.

Vivere feels and sounds like a true live album. It's very raw sounding parts but that shows the true authenticity of the album. It allows Vivere to be a true sounding representation of the band when performing live. If you're primarily here for loud riffs then you'll be in your element here. Though expect a few moments of heavy experimentation that may unsettle the casual listeners out there.

Other than that, Vivere is an excellent live album. If you're a long time fan of Stone Machine Electric check this out as it's a worthwhile album to your collection.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe