Tuesday 7 February 2017

Ebisu - Lure (EP Review)

Release date: February 07th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Lure – Tracklisting

1.Sycamore 07:21
2.The Merchant 04:06
3.Good At Craft 07:50

Band Members

Ken Ghani - Vocals, Gtrs
Nikhil Kamineni - Gtrs, Bass, Synths, Noise
Tamas Vadja - Drums


Ebisu is a Progressive Ambient/Doom/Drone Metal band that creates haunting and epic soundscapes to build their droned out riffs upon. Taking influence from bands such as SunnO))), Neurosis Pelican and Earth, Ebisu debut EP – Lure feels like a droned out nightmare coming to life with distorted riffs being played for a long periods of time.

Opening track – Sycamore – sees Ebisu open with an experimental post-metal sound that allows them to add moments of Drone, Ambient and Post-Rock. The vocals are ice cold with a hint of blackened sludge vibes. Sycamore is a song that has a cool and menacing psychedelic edge that sets these guys apart from your usual Post-Metal band.

Second track – The Merchant – is a more straight-forward Doom/Post-Metal song with the emphasis firmly on melodic sludge grooves. There is a minimal use of Drone but the psychedelic ambient sounds make for an intriguing and captivating experience. The vocals offer a chilling insight to the world that Ebisu create on this well crafted EP.

Third track – Good At Craft – is the final song for Ebisu to impress you with. This is perhaps the strongest track on the EP as Ebisu opt for a less industrial sound. The slowly played riffs start to become heavier and the spaced out sounds slowly give way to the familiar Sludge/Drone/Post-Metal atmospherics of the opening song. Ebisu impress the most when they play a more subtle ambient post-rock sound as it has an air of intelligence around the whole record.

Lure is a haunting and unsettling debut EP and one that will appeal to fans of both of Doom Metal and Post-Metal though there is a hint of or Post-Black Metal waiting in the darkness. The EP is well produced and I do want to hear more from Lure. Hopefully in the future when Nikhil is less busy with his other bands such as Mountain God, Allahest, and Hollow Senses. Mountin God will be releasing their epic new album very soon. 

Though I am digressing, this is a team effort and Ebisu demand your attention.

Words by Steve Howe