Saturday 4 November 2017

I, Captain - Tiid (Album Review)

Release date: October 27th 2017. Label: Sound Effect Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

Tiid – Tracklisting

1.War Shakes 05:57
2.Mantra 09:24
3.Vem kan segla 01:31
4.Kepler 22B 03:06
5.Stugon I 08:10
6.Stugon II 07:15
7.Vindan 06:54
8.Tå 04:16


Axel V- Vocals, bass
Viktor Ö - Drums
Andreas Ö - Guitar
Lukas Å - Guitar


Finnish Psych Fuzz/Stoners - I, Captain - debut album Tiid is a weird sounding and heavy journey into the realm of Psychedelic Fuzz, Doom, Stoner and Blues Rock. The album is extremely heavy in parts which I didn't expect. As I was expecting your standard run of the mill Psych/Stoner Rock album. But nope. I, Captain try their hand at many different things and create a genuinely exciting album that will have long term appeal within the Doom/Stoner Rock world.

Opening track - War Shakes - is progressive blast of seventies style Doom Rock merged with modern Fuzz/Stoner Rock sounds. The vocals from Axel are confident, loud and brash without ever overstepping the mark. The lyrics have a slight angry feel to them especially towards the end with a cool angry sing-along chorus.

Second track - Mantra - sees the band sing vocals in their native language but it's the high octane music that holds your attention with the band playing a more progressive style of doom-driven stoner rock. There is a very cool psychedelic blues riff in the background. I don't have a clue what the band are singing about but that doesn't matter as the vocals are superb and they have a weird drone/chant style to them.

The music becomes heavier as the song progresses with I, Captain exploring their spaced out doom metal influences even more. This is perhaps the standout track on the album. As the song has many different parts to it that allows the band to play some intriguing and different styles of music that you wouldn't expect.

It's a beautifully heavy weird mash-up of different styles and it only becomes more interesting as the album moves on to the next song with standouts being - Kepler 228, and the two part wonder of Stugon I and Stugon II. Expect loud moments of heavy, trippy and spaced out doomier moments with the band showing a keen flair for sonic experimentation. This is perhaps an album you need to listen to more than once to fully understand what is going on.

I, Captain maybe too clever for their own good at times but you can't deny their impressive technical ability on show here. As the album flows superbly well and that's down to the superb music the band have created throughout the album. The final two tracks - Vindan and Ta - draw this album to its natural conclusion with the band perhaps finally running out ideas to impress the listener with.

Though that's OK as the band have done more than enough in not only impressing whoever listens to this album. As they can feel proud in releasing a hugely entertaining and original album of their own.

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy the vinyl here from Sound Effect Records.


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