Saturday 30 December 2017

Through The Void - An Interview With GARGANJUA

UK Progressive Doom/Sludge Metallers – GARGANJUA – released their debut album A Voyage In Solitude back in 2016. We are huge admirers of the album and the band as well.

Fast forward two years later and GARGANJUA will be releasing their superb new album – Through The Void in 2018. To get the album released on Vinyl, the band have started a Pledge Music Campaign which you can view here.

I caught up with the band to discuss the making of their new album and the decision to setup a Pledge Music campaign. You can read all about this below.

Hi guys. How are things with you today.

Very well thank you.

We are here to talk about your new album – Through The Void. I've only had a brief listen recently but it sounds fantastic so for. Though SID is raving on about it. What can people expect from the album.

'A Voyage In Solitude'. is only 4 tracks again but clocks in at around 45 minutes this time. I personally think this album is a world apart from the first. Still doomy and epic but it takes a different path on the journey. We've ventured into new territory on this album too musically. Bit more progressive, some new instrumentation. I think this album is heavier and more melodic for us.

If 'A Voyage In Solitude' started the journey then 'Through The Void' is the storm in the ocean.

When will the album be released.

We are hoping for in late April/early May.

You recorded this album a long time ago. Why has it taken so long to release the album.

In truth, we needed time after this album was recorded to just seperate ourselves from it as it was a heavy experience. We also wanted to think about our release options. There was a lot of label interest so we had a lot to think about. We're very proud of this album and we have always wanted to do a vinyl release so this was the decision we took in the end. And ultimately none of the label interest suited what we were going to do going forward. Vinyl is a time consuming business also.

What influenced you all when recording the album.

I think this album definitely came from within. As opposed to being inspired by the music that surrounded us at the time. It was perhaps more of an outcome of where we were as people. Whilst I wouldn't say this album is original, I don't think it wears its influences on its sleeve like maybe 'Voyage...' did if that makes sense.

You're currently running a Pledge Music Campaign to release the record on vinyl. Did you not have any label interest to release the album on vinyl.

There was label interest but ultimately nothing really stood out and worked for us. Nothing that fully supported the vinyl dream either so we thought we'd try the pledge thing and if that doesn't work, we will just release it on other formats.

Was it a hard decision to start a Pledge Music Campaign.

Yes, in truth, none of us whole-heartedly wanted to do it as its a bit risky and would put the release back a bit but on the other hand, we knew we had nothing to lose. If we're successful then great but if not, we still have an album we're very happy with to release so its not going to derail anything major.

Will the album be released on any other formats such as CD, Cassette and DD.

We will release on CD and DD only if the vinyl pledge is not successful. If it is successful, on all 3 formats.

You released your debut album A Voyage In Solitude back in 2016. Were you surprised by some of the reviews it received originally.

Yes very much so. We just write what we write and when we play, we collectively just lose ourselves in what we do. It makes no difference to us if anyone else gets it/likes it but the response was very unexpected at the time and ever since really. We have been very humbled by that.

Looking back would you change anything about the album at all.

No I don't think so.

Will you touring your new album heavily in 2018. Or will it just be a few gigs here and there.

Just gigs here and there. There may be a short run of dates to mark the release but no extensive tour plans at the moment

What have been your high points and low points with the band.

We've been fortunate to not hit too many lows as a band so far although needing to pull out of Siege of Limerick was not something we wanted to happen. Highs for us so far have been, playing Bloodstock, recording the albums and just having the opportunity to play our instruments.

Would you change anything about your time with Garganjua.

No its been a really good experience for us all so far.

Are you all involved with different musical projects or is this your main band.

Nah, this is our main band at the moment.

What is your musical setup when performing or recording live. Is it an advanced setup or a basis setup.

Its very basic. 2 guitars, bass and drums with 3 of us doing vocal duties live.

How hard is it for Garganjua stand-out from the crowd. Or do you not worry about things like that.

We don't really think about things like that. We want to sound good but mainly from a selfish point of view and not because we want to stand out or impress anyone. This band is for us. This band is so we can zone out and lose ourselves for a time. Its our form of expression. If people want to join us for the ride, the more the merrier but we're heading out on the journey anyway.

Before you go, do you have anything to say to your fans.

I would like to thank anyone that follows or supports the band in any way and if you would like the album on vinyl, please follow our pledge link and help us in any way you can.

Thanks for doing this. All the best with the new album.

Thank you for your time dude.

Words by Steve Howe and GARGANJUA