Tuesday 17 July 2018

Gene Widest - Spectral Terrestrial (Album Review)

Release date: August 28th 2018. Label: Nappy Dawg Records. Format: CD/DD

Spectral Terrestrial – Tracklisting

1.The Past Ate You 05:00
2.Marisol 04:27
3.A Flower in a Forest in Bloom 05:00
4.Modern Day Icarus 04:10
5.Cry Baby Cry 03:32
6.Neck Romancer 03:46
7.Space Fuzz Beyond The Sea 02:56
8.Dead Butterfly 04:16
9.Beauty Over Time 06:09


Dave Ashcraft - drums
Brian Corbett - guitar, vocals
Sean Corbett - bass
Rob Ealer - guitar


Gene Wildest are not your usual Stoner/Space Rock Band. As the band take a different approach with their music by adding layers of Fuzz Rock, Psych, Math Rock and even 90s Alternative/Indie Rock. Their new album Spectral Terrestrial sees the band trying to find their way through their heavy progressive guitar driven sound. The vocals from Brian are not what you expect. As they have a “dream-pop” sensibility.

The album’s opening track – The Past Are You – is primarily a Heavy Psych/Space Rock song. Though Gene Wildest aren’t your most straight forward band. As the guys throw a curve ball by adding 90s sounding Alternative Rock amongst all the heavy Spaced Out Rock sounds. The song truly comes alive when the Fuzz/Stoner Rock riffs appear. This song feels it was made by two different bands. One band is a Fuzz/Stoner Rock Band who delight in creating loud heavy noises and the other band is an Alternative/Indie Rock band with elements of Shoegaze Rock appearing here and there.

I know it sounds crazy but Gene Wildest are an absolute delight from beginning to end. As they tease you with so many different genres of music on the individual songs. Songs such as: Marisol, A Flower In A Forest In Bloom, Modern Day Icarus, Neck Romancer and Space Fuzz Beyond The Sea are the songs I enjoyed the most. As Gene Wildest create inventive Stoner/Space Rock sounds with groovy vocals to match. The lyrical content is way out there as well.

The production is very raw and has a lo-fi edge but it serves the purpose of the whole album. Spectral Terrestrial has some bleak moments contained within the lyrics and the overall theme of the album.

The only part of the album I had issues with was the final song – Beauty Of Time. As I felt the band tried to hard with song. The early narrative of the song takes time to fully get going. When the heavy guitars do appear the song finally springs into action and the band actually leave you wanting more from this song.zx

Apart from that minor complaint, Gene Wildest have still managed to release an album that is definitely worth your time. As there is something for everyone to enjoy here. Spectral Terrestrial is a weird sounding and hugely enjoyable that album that may just surprise you.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe