Wednesday 5 December 2018

TUSKAR - The Tide, Beneath, The Wall (EP Review)

Release date: December 7th 2018. Label: Riff Rock Records. Format: CD/DD

The Tide, Beneath, The Wall – Tracklisting

1.The Tide 07:02
3.The Wall


Tom Dimmock- Guitar
Tyler Hodges- Vox & Drums


Tuskar latest EP – The Tide, Beneath, The Wall – is their latest and perhaps finest attempt in creating a heavy stylized Doom/Sludge Metal sound with amounts of Psychedelic Stoner Metal riffs being played in the background.

The EP only lasts twenty minutes but Tuskar manage to create an exciting sound that most full length albums struggle to match. The band take influence from bands such as CONAN, SLEEP, Slomatics and Mastodon. So if you’re looking for heavy progressive Sludge/Doom Metal with extra bite then you’ve came to the right place.

Opening song – The Tide – sees Tuskar play a fast-paced style of Sludge Metal with evil amounts of FUZZ pounding your ear-drums. Imagine early era Mastodon playing a more modern unsettled style of Doom Metal and you have the basis for this song. As Tuskar blast, kick and scream their way through a heavy bombastic wall of sound. The vocals from Tyler are firmly rooted in Hardcore based growls. Though you can easily understand what Tyler is singing about. The song is quite intense and angry from the start.

Second song – Beneath – is the most standard Doom/Sludge Metal song on the EP. As Tuskar get straight down to business of playing a more riff-centric style of music. There are elements of Psychedelic noises being added to Tuskar’s overall sound. You can feel the heavy pounding Stoner Metal grooves slowly creeping behind you before unleashing heck. The final few moments are some of the most relentless and angriest sounds on the entire EP.

The final song – The Wall – starts off slowly before continuing Tuskar’s heavy volatile mix of Sludge, Doom and Stoner Metal. This is the standout song on the EP as the band create loud bursts of angry FUZZ style rock/metal. The mood is quite sombre to begin with but soon changes into a more nightmarish based sound. The vocals are sometimes hard to understand as their drowned out by the heavy and distorted guitars. Though it’s the music that is the main highlight here. Tuskar play long passages of Drone Metal on this song and this style of music serves them well.

The EP is expertly produced and allows Tuskar to create a more realistic sound compared to their previous EP. Tuskar are now two EP’s into their career. I’m hoping there is a full length album within the next year or so. As the band have proved they have an original and exciting style of music all of their own. We need to see what Tuskar can do with a full length album. Until then, The Tide, Beneath, The Wall is not only one of the best EP’s released this year but one of the best records as well.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Richard at Sheltered Life PR for the promo. The Tide, Beneath, The Wall will be available to buy on CD/DD via Riff Rock Records from December 7th 2018.


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