Saturday 8 December 2018

Comanchet - CXXXVIII (EP Review)

Release date: November 09th 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

CXXXVIII – Tracklisting

1.Desconocido 06:23
2.Garabato 04:20
3.Taarna 05:20
4.Aquelarre 05:49


Peter Navarro
Sascuatch Campos
Haars Pepino Sandoval
Bruno Brujo Mar


CXXXVIII is the new EP from Mexican Doom/Stoner Metallers Comanchet and it’s quite a raw sounding EP that’s packed full of heavy doomed out grooves. Maybe not the best sounding EP you’ll ever here but the band do create a mighty fine amount of heavy noise.

The vocals are very honest and have quite a vintage feel to them. Comanchet take influence from bands such as Black Sabbath, Sleep and High On Fire. So if you’re a fan of those bands Comanchet should appeal to you. As the EP has quite a gloomy psychedelic feel to it as well. The music moves between heavy Doomed Out vibes and trippy Stoner Metal sounds.

I can’t comment on the lyrical content as the vocals are sung in the band’s native language but the vocals are constantly engaging and matches the heavy music the band create here. Standout songs have to be Desconocido, Taarna and Aquelarre. As this is where Comanchet finally start to play their own style of music and leave you wanting more.

The band do have an album available on BandCamp that was released back in 2017. That’s definitely worth checking out as well. However it’s with CXXXVIII that Comanchet prove they’re worth giving a damn about.

I’m going to quote my good friend Frazer’s review aka Desert Psychlist to summarize this EP as he’s summoned this EP brilliantly.

Music as good, as exciting and as groovalicious as Comanchet's "CXXXVIII" cannot be, should not be, held back by borders or fences. Mr Trump might build a wall to try to stop the Mexican people from crossing into the USA but music this good will always find its way over.”

Yeah, I go with that review. Comanchet are definitely worth your time.

Words by Steve Howe