Saturday 29 June 2019

Dendrites - Grow (Album Review)

Release date: June 9th 2019. Label: DistroKid Records (Digital) / Ikaros Records (Vinyl). Format: DD/Vinyl

GROW – Tracklisting

1.Get the Fuck 02:46
2.Bullet Dodger 04:49
3.Throwing Rocks 06:40
4.Dreamhouse Pt.1 02:13
5.Dreamhouse Pt.2 06:02
6.Leave Me Behind 04:22
7.One Hell of a Ride 05:37
8.River 04:29
9.Snake Oil Merchant 06:21
10.I 'm Gonna Fly 04:17


Thanasis Timplalexis - Vocals, Guitar
Giorgos Alexiou - Guitar
Alekos Papathanasiou - Bass
Dimitris Amvrazis - Drums
Ioannis Valiakos - Creative Member & Wild Card

Guest Musicians:
Fanis Panagiotopoulos - Saxophone on "I 'm Gonna Fly".


Truth be told I’m not the biggest fan of Southern Rock/Metal nowadays. Though I was back in my younger years where I was discovering bands across the musical spectrum left, right and centre. So I was a little bit worried listening to Dendrites debut album – Grow.

As the Greek heavy rockers play mostly Southern Rock/Metal on their debut album. However, the band add elements of Desert Rock, Grunge, Psych and Stoner Metal to give their album a richer and more varied sound. The most interesting part of this album to me for this album was the actual Southern Rock/Metal riffs the band play on this album. As Dendrites have a cool and exciting sound that may take influence from PANTERA in parts but sounding very much like their own thing.

Grow is a fast-paced and exciting collection of varied songs that sees the band play a simple style of music but one that’s packed with the right amount of groove and aggression. One moment you could be rocking along and the next you’re catching your breath as the band switch gears for a more violent and heavier sound.

The album has it fair share of NOLA based riffs on certain parts of the album and it’s quite exciting to hear at times. The songwriting is excellent throughout with the band writing wildly addictive and spiky lyrics throughout the album.

The vocals from Thanasis are soulful and honest from the start and he puts in a superb performance for the majority of the songs. There are few moments where his vocals are drowned out by the heavy riffs but that shouldn’t stop your enjoyment of this album.

The production is another major highlight with Grow sounding excellent from the start. The whole tone and sound of the album is EPIC and sounds super fresh. This is a brilliantly sounding album and that’s down to the fantastic production held on the album.

Standout songs are: Get The Fuck, Throwing Rocks, Dreamhouse Pt 2, One Hell Of A Ride and Snake Oil Merchant.

If you’re a fan of Black Label Society, DOWN, CLUTCH and PANTERA then this is the place to be. Grow is everything you want from a Southern Rock/Metal album. Though, as I stated before, the band offer a few surprises along the way when they add different genres to their overall sound.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy the vinyl here from Ikaros Records