Monday 17 June 2019

El Supremo - Clarity Through Distortion (Album Review)

Release date: June 14th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Clarity Through Distortion – Tracklisting

1.Intro 02:07
2.Sea of Ruin 06:06
3.Moanin' and Groanin' 10:00
4.Supercell 14:40
5.Julius Pleaser (Rides Again) 06:04
6.Ultimate Dropout 04:32
7.Lotus Throne 10:39
8.Outro 03:06


Chad Heille - drums
Neal Stein - guitar
Chris Gould - keys
Cam Dewald - bass


El Supremo features Chad Helle and Neal Stein within their ranks and they used to be part of sadly missed Doom/Stoner Metal collective EGYPT who sadly called it quits last year.

El Supremo are an Instrumental Rock/Metal band who fuse Psych Rock, Stoner Rock, Doom, Space Rock against a heavy Blues Rock atmosphere. The album runs for almost an hour and the band create their own heavy style of Doom/Stoner Rock. The album does take a few songs to fully understand and appreciate. As the album has many different things going on at the same time especially on songs such as: Sea Of Ruin and Moanin' and Groanin' .

Some of the songs run past the ten-minute mark with one of the songs hitting fifteen minutes in length. So it’s good to see El Supremo playing a more vivid and progressive style of music compared to other instrumental bands within the Stoner Rock/Metal scene.

The album has a free flowing attitude that embraces the legendary sounds of the 60s Psychedelic Rock scene that soon gives way to heavier style of 70s Doom based Rock/Metal. El Supremo enjoy playing a more “Jam” based sound on certain parts of the album and that’s where the band really find their own groovy sound. The instrumental work is excellent throughout and you can hear echoes of EGYPT when the heavier and spaced out moments are played.

The best parts of the album are perhaps all contained on the lengthier tracks such as Moanin' and Groanin' Supercell and Lotus Throne. As, El Supremo have time on their side to create more complex rhythms and melodies that become heavy and intense in places. Though the other songs held on the album are still mighty impressive in their own right with Sea Of Ruin and Ultimate Dropout being two of my favourite songs held on the album.

The production is superb and quite stylish especially when El Supremo slow the mood right down and play a more stripped back style of Stoner Rock/Metal. Clarity Through Distortion is quite a rebellious album and I didn’t expect that at all. Look at some of the song titles to see what I’m talking about.

The album maybe slightly too long for its own good. However, El Supremo have still managed to release an exciting and action packed album that will appeal to anyone who is a fan of Stoner Rock/Metal music.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe