Tuesday 4 June 2019

KAVOD Release New Video For Mahatma from their New EP - Wheel Of Time


Edoardo (Guitar, Ebowing Stuff & Incense Sniffer)
Francesco (Bass, Tattoos & Vocals)
Alessandro (Drum and play loud as hell

The Lowdown
Italian Doom trio Kavod released recently their EP "Wheel of Time" and now it's out their second official videoclip. Filmed and edited by the guitarist Edoardo the video shows Francesco (bass and vocals) surrounded by an ethereal smoke while chanting. 

The song takes its name from the nickname given to Gandhi as "great soul". At the end of the song you can hear Francesco singing a very famous speech made by Gandhi himself. 

The song is all about those demons who take our life, our time, and leave us with nothing more than ashes while only at the end of our life we remember that "In the midst of darkness, light persists".

To support Kavod you can donate or just download the EP for free and share the music https://kavod.bandcamp.com/album/wheel-of-time 


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