Sunday 2 June 2019

Toothless Cage - MARS (EP Review)

Release date: June 1st 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Mars – Tracklisting

1.Mars 04:43
2.Breathing 04:32
3.River Of Gods 03:16
4.END 06:22
5.Oneironaut 05:04


Diogo Contins
Rui Ribeiro
Pedro Domingues


Mars is the debut EP from Toothless Cage. A band that plays of deliciously heavy style of Fuzz Rock, Psych, Stoner Rock and Doom Metal but with a cool sounding Garage Rock sound. The EP is a constantly heavy and action packed ride from start to finish.

The band embrace their Space Rock sound with genuine excitement especially on the superb opening song – MARS. The song takes influence from bands such as Black Sabbath and SLEEP in places though Toothless Cage add a more vintage Garage Rock vibe to their music. This is one of the standout songs on the EP with the heavy riffs having a cool progressive style of their own. The vocals are superb with the band writing some trippy lyrics to match the spaced out riffs.

Second song – Breathing – has a more laid-back and reflective approach compared to the opening song. It’s a perfect mix of heavy rock sounds and the more quieter moments the band play on this song. The second half of the song is a fast-paced riff-fest where Toothless Cage play a more ferocious blend of Doom/Stoner Metal. This proves the band can play a heavier style of Doom/Stoner Metal to impress fans with.

Third song – River Of Gods – offers a more hazier and psychedelic sound with a twinge of Blues Rock appearing here and there. The song does start very slowly but soon builds up into a more confident and heavier rhythm.

The final two songs END and Oneironaut is where Toothless Cage impress the most. As they have more time to play with on both songs. The EP becomes more Progressive and more adventurous as a result. The music allows Toothless Cage to experiment with their sound and it’s a good approach to have. As the listener becomes part of the action especially on the excellent sounding song – Oneironaut.

The only downside of this EP that it’s too damn short. The EP Only runs for 24 minutes or so. I wanted to hear one more song from Toothless Cage. Maybe that’s myself being to selfish. As this EP is so damn good and the band are definitely worth keeping an eye on in the future.

MARS is a superb sounding EP from Toothless Cage and will hopefully allow Toothless Cage to build up a solid fan-base within the Fuzz/Doom/Stoner Metal community. As these guys have something special about them.

Words by Steve Howe