Monday 22 July 2019

An Interview With CULT OF SORROW

US Doom/Stoner Metallers CULT OF SORROW return with their new album Invocation Of The Lucifer later this week and it's an exciting blend of Occult Doom Metal and elements of Heavy Psych Rock and Stoner Metal grooves.

This is the band's 2nd full length album and is a major step forward since their 2017 debut album Ascension.

This album sees CULT OF SORROW in more confident and heavier form and this makes for a HEAVIER and DOOMED OUT EXPERIENCE.

I've managed to catch up with the band ahead of the release of their new album. 

Hi guys. Thanks for doing this interview. How are things with you today?

Hey there! Thank you for having us! Things are great today! We are getting ready to start pre-sale on our new album, Invocation Of the Lucifer, along with a video premiere for one of our new songs. All of this leading up to our release date of September 20th.

Can you give a brief history of how the band came together and what the current line-up is today?

I discovered the doom/stoner genre in 2011 and fell in love with it. It was a throwback to the music I had grown up with and learned to play guitar to. Around fall of 2012 I began to write 4 songs with the sole intent of just recording them with some friends. I got these friends together in the summer of 2013 and we hit the studio that fall. In the process we learned that we had a pretty good band together and was really enjoying it, so we made it into a full time project. 

Now here we are signed to Black Doomba Records and ready to release our second full length album. Our current line up is me, Jerry Lovett (vocals and guitar), Pete Contreras (guitar), Joe Owen (Bass) and Nate Bid (drums). All members are original except for Nate who joined us in March of 2019

How would you describe your own music in your own words?

Our music is vintage styled hard rock/heavy metal with a dark flair to it. While there are many to compare us to, I'd like to think we do have a sound of our own though. It's heavy, but is based around melody. It's doom.

You will be releasing your new album – Invocation Of The Lucifer. What can people expect from the album?

It is a natural progression of our last album, Ascension. It is more refined and focused with a wide variety of hard rock/metal styles. There is definitely a darkness to it, but nothing in an evil way...or at least evil to us.

Was recording the new album a hard or easy experience for the band?

Pretty easy. I had about half the songs written in early 2018 when the band started working on them, and I finished the rest through the summer. By the time we recorded in November, we were well rehearsed and ready to go. We ended up spending about 2 weeks recording and mixing, so the process went fairly quick.

The album cover is excellent. Who designed the cover and how much input did you have into the final design?

Waclaw Traier designed the cover. There is a story behind the cover and how it came to be. I had purchased a picture from a guy named Mike Norman to use for our cover. After we were signed, our label gave to Dewar PR to review. Because there was some nudity in the picture, Dewar thought we might have some issues using it in ads. Our label stepped in and hired Waclaw who was given the picture to use as a basis for his design. We loved the drawing Waclaw did, so it worked out great! Also, the original picture is used on the inside cover of both the vinyl and CD release, so you get to see them both. It creates a work of art in itself once you see it.

What is the song writing dynamic in the band? Is it a group collective or down to certain individuals?

I've written pretty much everything the band has done so far, but our bass player, Joe Owen, did write the music for the song 'The Mirror' on the new album with me writing lyrics.

What comes first when writing and recording new music? Music or lyrics?

Music first always! I normally rehearse the songs for several months just singing babel along to them until I get the flow and feel of the song down before I start writing the lyrics. That process is where my ideas come as to what the song will be about.

What inspires you when writing music?

The occult is where a good deal comes from with the lyrics. I've been a student of the occult since I was about 15 years old, which if you knew how old I was you'd know how long that has been! LOL Doom metal is one place where the occult is not only accepted, but almost encouraged at times, so I definitely found a home for my musings. The music part comes from the work of my elders, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Maiden, Priest and so many others. It's been there for me during times of joy, sorrow and the in-betweens. I take the bits and pieces of what they taught me to create my own music that will hopefully have the same effect on others.

Do you have the opportunity to perform live on a regular basis in your home town or do you have to travel further afield to perform regularly?

We perform locally around 4-5 times a year with the rest being out of town shows. We played about 10 shows last year, but took off the last 3 months to record. We hope to expand our range with this new album and add more shows regionally.

How would you describe the Cult Of Sorrow LIVE experience?

Our music is all mid tempo for the most part and like most, we play it a little faster live, so there is definitely energy there. Not necessarily an all out head banging sort of energy, like with thrash metal, but a powerful energy.

What equipment do you use when recording in the studio or performing live?

I use a Marshall amp with a Gibson SG guitar. Pete uses a Peavey 6505 amp and a ESP guitar and Joe uses an Ampeg amp with a Fender Bass. We all have our assortment of pedals too, but they change from time to time. Our live setup is pretty much the same as in the studio although we did use some of the studio's gear for this last album.

Thanks for doing this interview. Before you go do you have any words of wisdom to say to your fans?

Yes, stay true to yourself and follow your own path. At the end of your days, no matter the wins or losses in life, you will always be the better by following your true will in all you do. 

Words by Steve Howe and CULT OF SORROW

Thanks to Curtis at Dewar PR for arranging this interview. Thanks to CULT OF SORROW for doing this interview. 

Invocation Of The Lucifer is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via Black Doomba Records.


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