Thursday 11 July 2019

Black Pistol - Sins Of The Father (Album Review)

Release date: July 12th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Sins Of The Father – Tracklisting

1.Nowhere to Run
2.Call to Arms
3.Devil in Disguise
4.Down the Hatch
5.Heaven and Hell
6.Sins of the Father
7.Psycho Maniac


Vocals - Stiaan Bruwer
Guitar - Roan Mustang
Bass - Jacques le Roux
Drums - Nicolas Cage


Black Pistol debut album Sins Of The Father sees a band playing with extreme confidence and creating an album that takes influence from the Classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal scenes of yesteryear. Though, adding a modern Stoner Rock groove. The album is perfectly balanced creating a sound that captures the vivid hard rock energy of Seventies/Eighties Stadium Rock.

Black Pistol are not afraid adding a heavier style of Hard Rock/Metal on the album especially on the excellent opening song – Nowhere To Run – which sets the scene perfectly well for the rest of the album to follow. The vocals have a “classic” approach to them but still sounding distinctively modern at the same time. The lyrics are what you would expect for an album such as this. However, they are quite truthful and powerful in all the right places.

Second song – Call To Arms – is a Southern Rock/Boogie Rock driven number with the band showing another side to their overall sound. The lyrics are quite direct especially with lead singer Stiaan making a passionate plea to Hard Rock/Heavy Metal community. This is pure ROCK & ROLL EXCESS and will have the most jaded Rock/Metal fan rocking in agreement. There is a slight Stoner Rock swagger being played in the background and keeps the whole mood vibrant and quite upbeat from start to finish.

Third song – Devil In Disguise – is one of the heaviest and perhaps hard-hitting songs contained on the album and that’s down to the superb melodies and lyrics the band have written for this song. The song can be quite psychedelic in places. It seems Black Pistol are still adding different sounds to their music and it’s quite refreshing to hear. As you don’t know what Black Pistol will do next on this album.

Black Pistol continue on their destructive path by playing addictive Hard Rock/Heavy Metal riffs that allows the band to create their own addictive sound. Expect to hear more top-notch moments of Psych Rock, Classic Rock, Stoner Rock with a no-nonsense Southern Rock/Metal groove holding everything together.

Black Pistol prove their worth on songs such as: Down The Hatch, Heaven And Hell, Sins Of The Father and Preacher. As these songs are perhaps the standout songs on the album and where the band write and play the most passionate songs held on the entire album. Though, the entire album is built upon RIFFS and the album is full of them. The album is superbly put together and is helped by top-notch production as well.

Sins Of The Father has something for everyone to fully appreciate and enjoy.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Plug Music Agency for the promo. Sins Of The Father will be available to buy on DD via from July 12th 2019.