Sunday 7 July 2019

Quiet The Thief - The Fate Of Elision (EP Review)

Release date: May 18th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

The Fate Of Elision – Tracklisting

1.Star Crossed Lover 05:03
2.Open Road 04:14
3.Free Fall 05:20
4.Unwritten 05:46
5.Speed Freak 03:42


Stig Chell (Guitar & Vocals)
Neil Bailey (Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals)
Robert Hussey (Drums)
Gareth Harding (Bass Guitar)


The Fate Of Elision is the new EP from Hard Rock/Stoner Rockers Quiet The Thief who have came back after a two year absence since their last release which I reviewed here.

This EP is a classic sounding EP that embraces it Hard Rock roots with the ferocious Blues Rock drive of CLUTCH in places. The overall flow of the EP is very smooth as the band play a blend of fast-paced grooves. The first two opening songs – Star Crossed Lover and Open Road – are perhaps the best two songs on the EP. As Quiet The Thief put so much hard-rocking energy into these tracks that it’s quite hard not to be swept up by the magic momentum the band create here.

The other songs are good as well just not as strong as these two songs. Though I did like the fast-paced riffs of Speed Freak as well.

The Fate of Elision can be quite trippy and psychedelic in places but it’s the classic hard rock sounds where Quiet The Thief excel the most. The production is handled superbly well and the band know how to write a LOUD MEAN RIFF.

Quiet The Thief are starting to make a name for themselves within the UK Hard Rock/Stoner Rock scene and the evidence is here for everyone to listen to and fully admire. The band know how to have fun with their music and they excel at playing good old fashioned Rock and Roll. You don’t have to include Progressive Rock sounds in your music all the time and it’s good to hear Quiet The Thief playing a classic style of Hard Rock/Metal to the best of their abilities and leave you wanting more.

Overall, The Fate Of Elision is great EP to listen to and it should be good to see where Quiet The Thief’s musical journey will take them next….

Words by Steve Howe