Tuesday 30 July 2019


Release date: July 27th 2019. Label: Headspin Records / Sound Effect Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

MYDRIASIS – Tracklisting



Rick - Guitars
Rich - Bass
Andrew - Percussion
Jabs - Synth/Keys


Aussie Psych/Space/Stoner Rockers – Comacozer – return with their latest album MYDRIASIS. The album is a forty-five minute plus ride into the dark vortex of Psychedelic Space/Stoner Rock with the band adding a more Progressive and Droned out feel to their music.

The album is quite daring and bold with Comacozer creating a more personal sound compared to their previous releases. Maybe the band could be more adventurous with this album in places. However, Comacozer pull out all the stops creating an album that’s not afraid to play with listeners fears and expectations from start to finish.

Opening song – MYDRIASIS– is a progressive and droned out song with the band slowly building many different layers of Psychedelic Spaced Out Rock with a heavy handed Stoner Rock approach that sees the band add a delicious and darkly twisted FUZZ Rock/Metal groove to the song. The song runs past the thirteen-minute mark and Comacozer make sure you don’t leave empty handed with it’s exciting blend of Sixties/Seventies style of Jam based Freak-Out/Psychedelic Rock.

Second song – TRYPTAMINE – has a more cosmic feel on this song with the band adding gloomy sound effects and swirling ambient noises. The music starts rather quiet and slowly before Comacozer move away from their “Eastern” inspired sound for a more direct and exciting sound. This is the perfect song to lose and rediscover yourself in. As the song is quite reflective and forgiving in parts until the heavy riffs appear and all HELL breaks loose.

Third song – KYKEON JOURNEY – is the centrepiece of the album as it runs past the twenty-minute mark. It’s perhaps the hardest song to listen to on the album. As Comacozer take their time with this song and it does take time for the song to fully get moving. The song can be gloriously heavy one moment and deliberately slow the next. This song sometimes feels the band didn’t have enough time to get their spaced out message fully across on this song. However, this is a superbly written that sees Comacozer play to their absolute strengths and leaves you wanting more.

Overall, MYDRIASIS is a genuinely thrilling, stunning and expertly produced album that long-time fans of the band will admire the most.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to COMACOZER for the promo. MYDRIASIS is available to buy now on DD via BandCamp. Vinyl via Headspin Records and CD via Sound Effect Records.